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8/12/08 12:03:40PM
Parisyan vs. Yoshida IMO is gonna be an awesome fight. I'm gonna be surprised and pissed if there will be no throws.

I'm taking Karo by Decision but I won't be surprised if Yoshida pops him one.
8/12/08 12:22:31PM
Well they are both so good with Judo that they might cancel each other out, same goes when two great BJJ guys go at it, its hard for one to catch the other since they are both at the same level.

Expecting a great fight, and Yoshida is a dark horse in this fight, still expecting Karo to win by UD (should have the wrestling edge), but should defenately be a war.
8/12/08 12:26:30PM
yeah I see this being similiar to Sokodjou and Nakamura..thier Judo probably wont even come into play much..as they both are so good, that they will cancel each other out.

I see this fight playing out more on the feet...with Yoshida getting the win
8/12/08 12:28:05PM
Karo is just too complete of a fighter beyond judo. Despite his last loss, he is still a credible contender and will probably win this match.
8/12/08 3:03:32PM
You'd be more likely to see good throws watching judoka fighting non-judoka. I think it will be unlikely that we see a lot of spectacular Judo because they will both know how to avoid being thrown as well as they know how to throw. They may also be afraid of being reversed when attempting a throw.
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