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11/4/08 10:05:47PM
Well this is my first post and i'm really excited! My girlfriend just won 2 tickets to UFC 91 on the radio! (like 2 mins ago)

I called first and all you had to do was be caller 10 and answer 5 out of 5 questions correctly about Randy. I missed one and it was embarrasing cuz i got it right the first time but i changed my answer at the last minute.

Then I told my girlfriend to try and she got through and got all five right!

So now I feel an obligation to root for Randy even though I'm still just looking for a good 5 round battle.
11/4/08 10:09:34PM
thats great, congrats man

on a side note, just out of curiosity- i'd like to know what questions they asked?
11/4/08 10:10:02PM
I tried to win Rascal Flatts tickets off the radio once. . . CRASH AND BURN.
For like a week i called three times a day, the guys on the radio show new me by name but i was never caller number 24. Great job getting through twice!
11/4/08 10:21:07PM
Sweet deal about the tickets. but about randy .....WAR COUTURE!!!!!!!!!!! i hope he shows Brock how a Champion handles his buisness.
11/5/08 4:09:55AM
The questions were:
1.How tall is Randy?
2.What is NOT one of Randy's nicknames?
a.)Captain America
b.)The real deal
3.Who was Randy's first win in the UFC?
4.How many times did Randy wrestle in the olympics?
5.What year did he first fight in the UFC?

I missed #4 i said "zero" then for some reason i yelled out "three!" it was almost like tourettes i have no idea why i did it.
11/5/08 8:40:53AM
You probably got nervous in the heat of the moment, which is kinda normal. It's like they always say about game shows-it's a much different feeling actually being there playing for real compared to when you're sitting at home playing along. When you're playing for real you've got so much pressure because you're playing for something real and on TV whereas when you're at home you're usually playing for fun. So don't feel to bad about it-just go along, have an awesome time, and be sure to root for who YOU want to, not who anyone else wants you to root for. If you want to root for Brock instead, go ahead! That's what being a fan is all about-be unique and be yourself!
11/5/08 9:01:34AM
congrats but uh... dont get your hopes up on randy
11/5/08 10:20:17AM
wow awesome bro! congrats and good luck at the fights u lucky bastard! lol
11/5/08 2:28:23PM
Thanks guys. I went to UFN 14 and that was a lot of fun and we were in the third row. I don't know where these seats are yet but I hope they are decent.

We are now in a drawing for 2 front row tickets and a hotel room and we find out on monday if we won that. So i'm just keepin my fingers crossed!
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