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2/18/09 1:05:44AM
as i posted a while ago, i'm heading to vegas next week.i posted last week askng if anyone new anything about visiting xtreme couture. thanks again for the responses. i also sent them an e-mail inquiring on stopping by. well i got a responce from them and i wanted to share it. i was pleased with the kindness and quikness of the letter. i'm not sure if anyone will care, but i wanted to post it incase some one else was wondering the same thing.




I am not sure if you have already received a response to your email

You are more than welcome to come by the gym. We do have a gift shop.

Unfortunately we are not open to the public during pro practice.
Therefore you will not be able to watch from 4-6 pm.
If you would like to come prior to or after you are more than welcome to
watch the regular training sessions.

We hope you have an opportunity to visit our facility. Have a safe

Best Regards,

Valerie Haney
Xtreme Couture MMA
Director of Operations

3955 West Sunset - Suite 106
Las Vegas, NV 89118

2/18/09 2:02:19AM
Hey thats awesome man!

What would expect from Xtreme Couture but pure class

Your lucky I wish I could go...its cold as **** in Idaho
2/18/09 6:29:50AM
If you're gonna be there over the weekend get to those NASCAR races wihle you're at it.
3/25/09 11:24:55AM
Have any pictures to share?
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