Just wanted to introduce myself, and say "hello".....from CA.

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1/15/07 3:33:24PM
Yo YO...
I just joined the playground, and I really think its pretty cool.
I think it will really take off....

Im a very, very Hardcore MMA fan who owns every single Pride DVD and I have every single Pride event (even the events not out yet) on DVD!

I enjoy both Pride and the UFC....and feel the UFC has done some great things of late....and but have really no interet (yet) in watching any Orgs, except Pride and the UFC.

I live in Huntington Bch, CA and love all sports...but I have a special place in my heart for MMA!!!

I watched the first UFC and have been hooked ever since!!!

Pic is me and ShoGun...
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1/15/07 3:34:22PM
Cool an HB guy.
1/15/07 4:04:26PM
Are you from HB too...?
Where at...?
1/15/07 4:12:36PM
I'm in Santa Barbara.
1/15/07 4:16:58PM
O, thats cool...
Not too far at all!

Its been real cold down here for some reason lately...but I love living by the beach (except 1 day a month when I pay rent).

I think Pride is having there next event (after Wandy) down at the Staples Center....are you gonna go?
1/15/07 11:44:30PM
Nah, I can't stand most shows live. They're hard to see and i'm looking up at the screen most of the time. To me it's ringside or nothing. For some smaller shows I sometimes get backstage passes, those are always fun but nothing at the UFC level.