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6/29/08 9:17:33PM
was f*cking awesome! that is easily the most hardcore movie i have EVER seen

6/29/08 9:48:44PM
Was it. I want to see it, How was Jolie in it, was she smokin Hot.
6/29/08 10:42:16PM
Yeah it was was definetly a sweet movie, and you get to see her turd cutter too.
6/29/08 10:53:01PM
it looks like a sweet movie, but i'll wait to rent it because going to the movies is too expensive.
6/29/08 11:24:34PM

Posted by Twenty20Dollars

it looks like a sweet movie, but i'll wait to rent it because going to the movies is too expensive.

ya 10 bucks a person, could be more now I have not been for a while.
6/29/08 11:47:12PM
Where do you guys go to see movies? I pay $7 max for a movie ticket..
6/30/08 12:33:42AM
well that last time i saw a movie in theaters it was saw 4 and then it was like $9 and that's if you dont buy anything else. and im pretty sure it has gone up since then because the price of everything has been going up as of late.
6/30/08 2:46:22AM
"Kill one, save a thousand" creepy quote I'm sure plenty out there will like it though. Ends justify the means. Just creepy to me.
6/30/08 2:48:51AM
I saw this Zohan, and the love guru recently
Id rate them like this

1. Zohan
2. Wanted
3. Love Guru
6/30/08 9:56:42AM
the movie theater i go to only cost $2.50 in the day and $5 at night

and to answer ur question holt, jolie is really hot in it and has a really nice ass
6/30/08 9:59:03AM
At my local theater (which is a piece of crap largely because it has only 9 screens) they only charge $5 for Saturday morning or Sunday morning showings, so I try to go then. Usually I go to DC theaters near my office and pay $8-12 (a little more often because I use Fandango to get tickets in advance, they charge $1 more). As for Wanted, it's one I'm thinking about seeing and might've seen it this Thursday if I didn't already have a ticket to see Hancock after work.
6/30/08 12:22:58PM
EDIT: Felt it deserved it's own topic.
7/2/08 1:47:31AM
Just saw it, great movie!
7/2/08 3:30:37AM
was a great movie. the director did Nightwatch and Daywatch. Russian movies that you have to watch with subtitles , but I think they were definitely worth the trouble. I almost didn't see it, becuase I read the graphic novel, and knew their was no way they could make that into a movie. A buddy who also read it told me about how it was changed( he saw it Friday) and so some friends and I went and saw it on Saturday. However, even though the plot was drastically changed, they kept a lot of the elements from the novel, and it was a great idea on its own. A grade flick IMO.
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