i wanna go to a UFC event but......

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5/3/08 5:31:46PM
i have a few questions for all you who have been or know anything about it.

1. how hard is it to get tix w/out being in the fight club?
2. are the cheap seats usually good enough to see all the action or do u need to be on the floor or 1st couple of levels?
3. how much $ did u spend when it was all said & done?

props to any helpers, thanks in advance

oh yeah

5/3/08 5:41:39PM
These answers are based on limited experience which comes from a couple buddies attending different UFC events.

RE ticket availability - I think cheap tickets are tough to get, but the more pricey seats are easier to get if you are not in the "club"

RE view from cheaper seats - My friend said that it was hard to see what was going on and I hear that most people end up watching the fight on the screen any ways.

RE $$$ - It depends on where you live and where the event is. If you are a 5 hour drive away, it is worth making it a day trip and drive home the next day. If you have the stamina, you could skip the hotel and spend the $$$ partying afterwords and drive back the next day.

However, if you are farther away you would have to factor in the possibility of making a vacation out of it. i.e. if your are going to Vegas, spend a couple days there and have some fun. Your costs will really depend on a whole lot of factors that need to be assessed before you go. (transportation, hotel, tickets, spending money, etc)
5/3/08 9:29:48PM
I spent 75 buck a ticket whick was right along the fighter entrance WOW these seats couldnt have been any better. everyone that was sitting in the crowd walked by took pics and talked all the fighters fighting would come out after walk down talk and take picks my spot was right were the fighters walk in and hang a left to the cage seats across the entrance were double the price and if someone stands up infront everyone does which makes it hard to see. If you in the fight club you do get first crack at tix nice as you can more pick were you want with less rush as most shows sell all the good seat when tix are open to the public I say go with Fight Club(other than preTix/weigh ins it sucks)
5/3/08 9:56:52PM
i have been to a coule ufc events, matt hughes vs frank trigg the first one and arlovski vs buentello. i paid sixty dollars for my tickets. but these was before it really got mainstream so i imagine the prices have gone up. and i have been to a couple ifl events i won those tickets at the casino did not pay for those. you can basically see from every spot in the arena sometimes the camera men get in your way but they have the big screens. floor seats for me are harder to see i am not that tall and it is crowed and cramped with leg room. i would not recommend floor seats. i also sat right above the entrance it could not be better. i would recommend everyone to go to a event it is a whole new experience. i had a great time.
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