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POLL: Wanna see Chuck fight again?
One More Fight 48% (22)
He Should Hang' em up 52% (24)
6/18/10 12:20:18AM
Just wondering if you want to see Chuck fight again, I know this is a late post but I didnt see any post that had a poll whether or not you want to see Chuck back in the cage. If he does come back it will more than likely be against Tito, so what would you like to see Chuck do next.
6/18/10 12:34:16AM
I wish this poll had a "hell no" option.
6/18/10 12:43:30AM
would only want to see him fight one more time & only against ortiz no one else.
6/18/10 1:08:17AM
Yes Ortiz. And with a good win over Tito then Forrest should be next. If he were to lose toForrest then hang em up for sure but if he pulled out a win then who knows maybe a Lil Nog, Krzystof, Hamill, Luiz or whoever is available. Definately No title shot in the future but two good wins in a row would be a good way to go out.
6/18/10 4:56:35AM
Like the majority of people, I would like to see him fight Tito again, and then hang the gloves up. I would be satisfied if he retired now, but I'd love to see him go out on a win.
6/18/10 5:12:19AM
I don't think he would beat Tito, though. Look, it really doesn't take much to knock Liddell out these days. Even Tito can do it. Chuck can't stick to a game plan. He had something that was REALLY working for him against Franklin but then the Chuck of old told the Chuck that was winning "I want to play now." I don't think it would be any different against Tito. Especially because the hatred Chuck has for Tito would consume him if he thought he saw a way to finish him. If he couldn't stick to his gameplan against a guy he likes (Rich) how well do you think that's gonna go against a guy he DESPISES?
6/18/10 6:44:55AM
i dont want to see him fight again yet the fight with tito i still think he deserves it i mean tito pussed out doesnt mean chuck shouldnt be able to fight him and i know tito wont ko chuck i mean those punches are way to slow to hit huck with, then again you never know after the franklin KO hate to say it but chucks chin has been goulet Certified.
6/18/10 7:36:12AM
No I have seen Chuck do so many good things I don't need him to leave on a win. It is upsetting to me to see him get droped like he has of late. Its not like he dets droped and is finished with some GNP its more like they hit is button and he is out before he hit the floor.
6/18/10 8:45:05AM
I think at this point Tito would take Chuck.
The thing is Tito,skillwise seems about the same to me as he did 5 years or even longer ago. I think Tito's downward decline came with the fact that competition at 205 got better and Tito didn't grow fast enough with it.
With Chuck,not only did the competition get better but he seemed to decrease while 205 increased.
Chuck has nothing to gain from this fight. His 2 victories over Couture and Ortiz is what solitified him as "the" guy at 205 within the UFC. Why dimish that with a possible loss to Tito?
6/18/10 8:57:36AM
I'm always down to watch Chuck fight.
6/18/10 10:15:06AM
yes if its tito, hell id watch no matter who he fights, but if he does have one more id like for it to be tito. im with fleek when it comes to fighters retiring, its their decision and no one elses. there are plenty of people worse at their jobs than chuck is at his who dont work nearly as hard that arent asked by the public to retire, but since hes in the public eye its easy to point that finger.

id really like to see him get a win, and i dont think tito poses much of a threat to him at all, and he deserves a shot at tito after filming the show, one more go round would be fine by me.
6/18/10 4:32:29PM
Chuck is a legend and it is only out of concern for his long term health i say the only place i wanna see chuck fight is in a video game. He's got nothing to prove to me. Chuck will always be my favorite fighter.
6/19/10 2:00:29AM
Chuck would sprawl and punch tito into a painfull 3 round decision. I would love to see that.

I don't know if I could stand the prospect of tito standing over a limp chuck though. god the talk would never end.

Chuck vs Randy 4 is a fight im interested in too.
6/20/10 1:04:02PM
Wow, dead even.

I want to see Chuck fight because that's what he loves to do. He got knocked out alot, but the men he fought against are no jokes, and it doesn't matter if you win or lose because it's all about the sport of it, and I feel only a few can love it more than Liddell can. The third match against Ortiz has already been destined, and these two both owe it to themselves to finish the trilogy. Ortiz's attempt at redemption for the second time. Liddell last ditch attempt trying to salvage his legacy. It's just too good of a fight to not happen.
8/15/10 7:16:22PM
I'd like to see him beat Tito one more time. I don't think he can hang with the elite any more and I don't want him to be like Jens and keep losing to nobody's.
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