Will WANDY throw a knee?

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12/27/08 6:29:53PM
the knees were such an important weapon in Wandy's bag of tricks (escpecially against page) I dont think he threw ANY against chuck, and didnt need them against Jardine?

1. Why didnt he use them againts chuck? (i guess he just wanted a great punch KO, or wanted to keep his distance with chuck's power)

2. Will he use them againts rampage? (if he does, its his fight imo)
12/27/08 6:33:54PM
Chuck kept the distance from wandy. Then wandy couldnt throw any knees.

I saw wandy throws a knee to rampage within the first 2 minutes.
12/27/08 7:24:29PM
imo wand could have thrown knees and kicks but decided for some reason or another not to, will he in this fight? well....knees and kicks hurt worse than punches lol

wand better use kicks, because he has better kicks than griffin and look what grififn was able to do,
12/27/08 7:25:02PM
I think you'll definitely see an abundance of knees against Rampage. Because Rampage is alittle more willing to engage, Wandy can get close enough to tear up them ribs, maybe even his face. Ouch.
12/27/08 10:10:33PM
I'm sure that Page has learned a lil better how to defend the knees since his last encounter with Wandy... but that doesnt have me convinced that, they wouldn't play a huge part in the fight this evening. I'm saying the Wandy shoudl most definetely throw knees.
12/28/08 11:18:06AM
i think i saw one........
12/28/08 1:16:00PM
both guys did a great job of keeping him on the outside, he couldn't clinch with either guy.
12/28/08 2:05:05PM
Its strange, he seems content to just trade punches since he came to the ufc (not that he didn't before, but he also used to utilize knees way more).
12/29/08 5:43:17AM
I know - Wandy is annoying the BeJeesus out of me,
why wont he get in close and unleash the dog?

He is too cautious and static these days, and too small.
I think he has got so obsessed with conditioning that he has forgotten how to fight.
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