will wandy throw a knee

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2/4/08 10:45:19PM
im sure this was discussed to death in jan. (im new here)
will wanderlei throw any knees in the UFC?
just rewatched his rampage fight, and he didnt even throw one against chuck.
maybe one or two leg kicks, which should have been just as important as thats what keith used to take chuck apart.
i just hpe when he fights again, he utilizes his legs.
2/4/08 10:48:17PM
It was really hard for him to throw knees against Chuck due to the reach advantage Chuck had, he did a good job of keeping him outside and not letting him be able to get in and clinch. Of course he will throw knees in the UFC, why wouldnt he? They are his most devasting weapon
2/5/08 6:41:43AM
that has more to do with chuck than wandy. he is not going to abandon the knees he just had a hard time using them, and a lot of other weapons against chuck. its like saying "why didnt jeremy horn go for the armbar". its not because he didnt want to armbar chuck its because he couldnt get him down and likewise wandy couldnt get him in the clinch and was forced to fight a lot from the outside and you cant throw those knees from the outside.
2/5/08 8:48:23AM
Getting punched makes it more difficult to throw knees.
2/6/08 10:20:26AM
Yes, he will... fighters take what is presented in fights and the opportunity didn't present itself... If Wand fights against a fighter that tries to clinch more or that he stuns with punches, I would imagine he would knee the shit out of them givin the opportunity
2/12/08 4:07:27AM
I hope Wand can get his shit back together and we can see the Unstoppable King of the 205 division fight atleast one more time.

It seems that Mirko stole Wand's soul with that LHK, i mean the heart and will to fight is still here, but something just isnt right. I mean did i just see someone fall infront of Wanderlei Silva TWICE and Wand just stand there and watch them stand back up. I mean the old Wand would have jumped on him and started pounding on him and like you said threw more knees in.

Im hopefull though, in his last interview he talked about going back to brasil and training with Shogun, some of the Chute Boxe boys and possibly Ernest Hoost. Wanderleis down, but i dont think hes out just yet.