Wandy vs. Shogun...(fantasy match)

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5/23/07 11:27:21AM
If they were to ever fight who do u guys think would win??? Im not sure but ithnk rua has smarter strikes but anyways.... how about everyone else??? Thoughts???
5/23/07 4:28:14PM
I think Shogun would win. Wandy can get a bit wild if he isnt careful, and if anyone can exploit a weakness like that its Shogun. Shogun could pick him apart in the standup, and if it went to the ground, which I dont think would be too hard for Shogun to do, then it would only be a matter of time until he got the submission imo.
5/23/07 6:45:28PM
dayemmm, i like the sound of that. its a tough choice though. i like both of those guys though.
5/23/07 8:02:26PM
I think Wandy would win..he would be much too aggresive for Shogun. Shogun on the other hand though could be to quick for Silva and pick him apart. Dunno really.
5/23/07 11:33:52PM
There was a rumor going around a while back that they fought in Brasil once. It was over Shogun's dog that Wandy wanted. Not sure how long ago it was but it could be true. They go full blast down there sparring w/o headgear and stuff.
Wandy knocked him out, according to the story.
5/23/07 11:43:05PM
IMO the fight goes like this , good stand up battle, Rua takes Wandy down, scramble a little, then Shogun submits him .
5/24/07 1:22:04AM
wandy - better muay thai and lots more aggressive
shogun - better subs and more technical striker

so if the fight stood up i would give it to wandy but on the ground its shogun.....
5/24/07 9:45:11AM
I think shogun would KO wandy before the end of the first round.
5/26/07 9:36:48PM
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