Wandy, Shogun & A Dana White Callout

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2/23/07 5:21:29PM
Well, Pride USA producer Jerry Millen could. “Dana White is why the fight is not happening. He won’t put up or shut up!”

2/23/07 9:24:35PM
I like your quote from the Bible/Tarantino.
I'm wondering why the Brazil secret weapon "Shogun' is not more talked about in mma forums. That guy is a monster and will tear a hole in the LH in UFC if given a chance.
Peace and much love and long live the warrior spirit.
2/23/07 9:43:30PM
I don't know why he isn't. The kid is a beast and will only get better. Is it because Wandy came first? I feel is ground game is better then Wandy's. His striking seems crisper then Wandy's. And he seems more athletic then Wandy.

Maybe he needs then belt and then he'll get all the respect he deserves. Thanks for the props
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