Why was Wandy shaking his head after chucks fight?

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9/25/07 7:04:51PM

Posted by johny_rotten

Posted by cowcatcher

he realized he might have missed out on the biggest payday of his career when chuck lost, i think that has a lot to do with it. lets face it the guy just picked up and moved to the states, im sure he was looking forward to paying taxes here.

That is most definitely the reason. If Chuck won that could have been sold as a main event, and a battle for the #1 contender spot. Since the casual US fan doesn't know Wandy there is no one else out side of Chuck that will make Wandy's first UFC fight a major event. Everyone else that could get people excited about a Wandy fight is out of the mix. A rematch with Tito would be a big seller, but he is fighting Rashad. Wandy vs Rampage would sell, but the UFC won't give a non title holder from Pride an instant title shot. Out side of that there really ins't a very compelling match up for him.

Forrest would be a good fight... There's a little bit of drama there, with Wand fighting for revenge for his friend/pupil, etc... For that matter... Anyone of moderate TUF fame would do well to get Wandy in the public eye...

Or how'bout Sinocec...

Hey, Elvis, what's going on?
Oh, hey Joe SIlva, how it be?
Oh, pretty good... You wanna come down to Vegas and fight for us again?Sure, Joe, is it a rematch with Bisbing? Forrest? Horn?
Uh, sure Elvis, ya someone just like that, more or less...
Sure thing then, Joe, I'll see ya in december

I'd imagine that's how it would go down anyways... Elvis shows up ready to fight Josh Haynes or Dos Caras Jr or something, and then they lock him in a cage with a really pissed off Wanderlei... Perfect!
Done and done... how's that for a compelling matchup!!!
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