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POLL: Who would win if they fought in 09?
Wandy 83% (24)
Saku 10% (3)
undecided 7% (2)
1/2/09 6:04:32PM
So it's been 5 or 6 years since they last battled.

But despite Wandy having several wins over Saku,after Rampage's impressive victory over "the Axe murderer",it made me wonder.

"How would Sakuraba fair against Wanderlei if they were to fight in 2009?

I mean,I know you have to take into considerdation Rampage has gotten much better since his last bout with Silva,but I think you also have to take into account how further down the ladder Silva has dropped. (and Soku for that matter)
I would probably still go with Silva,but something is telling me the fight might be more interesting than the passing glance most might give it.

So what do you guys think?
1/2/09 6:22:24PM
Silva, this would just be a slaughter fest.
1/2/09 6:28:29PM
Silva round 1 tko.
1/2/09 6:46:02PM
Dude, it's really sad to even watch Sakuraba fight anymore. He's just gone.

Wandy by runthrough.
1/2/09 6:46:03PM
the 3rd fight was unnecessary and they were even going to have a 4th at shockwave 2004

why pride enjoyed watching japans #1 mma legend getting slaughter by a fighter like silva is beyond me
1/2/09 7:20:59PM
Wand via murder
1/11/09 6:40:51PM
I love Sakuraba, but he'll never beat Wandy..... EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!
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