Wandy at pride 34?

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3/19/07 6:22:07PM
Does anyone know anything about wandy fighting at pride 34?
If he is, is it smart for him to come back so soon or not?
3/20/07 1:14:08AM
I don't think his quick return is a good thing but it may not be a bad thing either. Back to back KO losses definitely affects someones mental game and I'm not sure Silva will be near 100% mentally for this date, but I could be wrong. I've said before that I was going to have trouble picking Wanderlei to win these days and was saying this before his fight with Henderson, but I refuse to ever count him out in a fight which is why I picked him to beat Hendo. Hopefully, his return will be an impressive victory and we can continue to see Silva at the top level in the 205 division.
3/20/07 1:55:31AM
If he is coming back so quick, its probably against a total can, just so he can get the confidence back. As for who, I can't really think of anyone, unless they're dusting off a Japanese pro-wrestler.
3/20/07 6:46:17AM
Wouldn't mind seeing a rematch with Hendo, 'cept for the broken hand thing.
Back to reality, I don't want to see Wand fight a can. He needs a solid top-10 win to get his confidence back.
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