Did Wandy get a nose job?

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1/8/10 6:13:49AM
I noticed while watchin my UFC 102 dvd that wandy looks alot different now. He was in Maia's corner and i didnt even realize it was him, I wouldnt have realized at all if i hadnt seen the tattoo on his head. and at the 108 weighins when he was doin the Q&A session he looked completely different to. His nose no longer looks smashed in and crooked. ive seen fighters get their noses straightened so their not crooked anymore but wandys had the bump on the bridge of his nose and everything now. am i the only one who noticed this?
1/8/10 7:08:03AM
He was going to have a procedure done if he hasn't already (I think it was to be done before the upcoming fight with Bisping, caused it to be postponed once or twice), something to improve his breathing. It had been affecting him in recent fights
1/8/10 10:10:08AM
I think he had surgery to remove scar tissue on his forehead/face, so that he'll be less prone to getting cut.
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