Wandy vs Jackson for LHW?

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9/24/07 2:34:56AM
In another thread, someone posted:

"Wanderlei Silva - Coming off two devestating losses to Dan Henderson and Mirko Filipovic, Wanderlei is definitely not in the title picture for at least two solid victories. Defeating Tito Ortiz in a rematch and Chuck Liddell in a dream fight might put him there but he needs to hurry before stock in both of those fighters is completely diminished."

Now I slightly agree with that, but lets remember that Wandy beat Rampage in Pride and to date, that loss has not been avenged. Should Wanderlei get a title shot?
9/24/07 8:38:54AM
I like the idea of making Wandy fight at least two people before the title shot... But of course he should get a shot soon.
9/24/07 10:41:56AM
He definitly need to fight 2 fights first but not 2 easy ones he should fight Houston Alexander (my prediction Alexander by knowckout in the first lol)
9/24/07 11:20:27AM
I think one victory against top competition would be enough to put him back in the title picture. The winner of his planned match with Chuck was supposed to get a title shot, no?
9/24/07 11:48:16AM
Wandy has lost his last two fights. No he shouldn't get a shot for the title next. He should have to fight TWO fights first. One agaisnt a top-ten type of opponent, and one agaisnt a top contender, with the winner of that fight getting the shot at the current title holder.
Letting Wandy fight for the title is like saying Chuck should fight for the title. They've both lost their last two fights. It's absurd. Let him prove himself first.
Personally, I was hoping Shogun would just dominate the LHW division, but we all seen what happened there. My heart is competely broke. The UFC rules aren't set up to display all of his talents. I almost wish the Fertittas would've never bought Pride and maybe somebody like Mark Cuban would've (if he would've left it in Japan, with various trips to the states). I'm so pissed and confused right now I don't know what to think or say. I think I'm going into mourning.
9/24/07 12:02:03PM
I still think wandy would beat jackson again ... ??
9/24/07 12:08:29PM
Silva v. Griffin would be a great fight to determine the undisputed #1 contender. You could then take Jardine v. winner of Ortiz v. Evans OR Alexander to determine who should get next shot.

I think it an untenable decision that Houston deserves to fight Wandi. He wouldn't even be discussed if his fights, or hell 1 of them, wouldn't have been a big KO. The KO has become really the selling point for so many fans, but on any given night you could knock ANY fighter out with one jab/hook/uppercut.

9/24/07 1:29:17PM
If anything has been proven lately it's that when a Pride fighter comes to the UFC, there needs to be some adjusting. Jackson beat Liddell of course, but that is the only fighter to come to the UFC and win a fight like that. Not to mention the fact the whether it was the ring, or octagon... elbows or no elbows... soccer kicks or no soccer kicks... none of that mattered in Jackson's fight against Liddell. I don't think anyone coming from any organization deserves anything in the UFC until they prove something IN the UFC.

Why should Griffin fight Wandy? If everyone thought Shogun was the #1 205lber before that fight, wouldn't that be a step back for Griffin?
9/24/07 3:32:30PM
forrest vs rampage imo
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