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4/4/07 10:56:43PM
My question is, what are the implications if Wanderlei does not get cleared but still fights anyways?

It was mentioned that the NSAC really has no say in Japan so technically the restriction set forth by them doesn't hold up in Japan. Wanderlei could be looking at ruining his chances of ever coming back to the US and fighting if he takes the fight but is not cleared by the NSAC.

How pissed would the Fertittas be? Not to mention Dana White. Would this hold implications for PRIDE as an organization or just for Wandy as a fighter?

4/5/07 12:29:40AM
Good question...

I don't know... Maybe it would go against the DSE version of Pride in the NSAC's books, and the Pride World Wide (I think that's what the Fertittas will call it?) will start with a clean slate...

I thought I remembered Pride doing something similar after the first US show, but I can't remember...
4/5/07 12:50:32AM
No Pride didn't do that after the US debut. The rule is for the fighter not the organization. That means if Wandy fights, and doesn't get cleared he will not be allowed to fight in the USA. It would be a horrible move on his part since Zuffa is expected to still grow Pride in the USA, and I would doubt they would want to market a fighter who can't fight in half of the events.

On the other end of it. Zuffa has more roots in the NSAC then we could imagine. I am sure it would take about 2 phone calls, and a small fine to get Wandy reinstated.
4/5/07 3:26:14AM
I think if Wandy is not cleared and still fight's then he will be leaving UFC/Pride. A few weeks ago on the beatdown when Shogun resigned, it was said Wandy refused unless he got a deal similiar to Chuck's. I haven't heard anything new on this, so I don't know if he has resigned. With Bodog throwing around cash, who knows?
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