Who should Wandy fight next?

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POLL: Who should Wandy fight next?
Chris Leben 38% (11)
Vitor Belfort 55% (16)
Brian Stann 7% (2)
Other (Specify) 0% (0)
3/23/11 9:34:53PM
I have seen threads saying Wanderlei Silva should fight Leben, Stann, Belfort, and many others. But I want to hear what you guys think.

Honestly, I say he should fight Leben. Would be one of the most entertaining fights ever. All out brawl to end them all
3/23/11 9:46:57PM
Who doesn't want Chrs Leben?
A fully fit Leben vs a fully fit Wand would = one of the best slugsfests in history!
I want this fight more than any other, please let this happen
3/23/11 10:46:48PM
I'd say Leben I guess, but I see him losing to Leben or Vitor.
3/24/11 3:04:09AM
I'd be happy with Leban or Belfort but I would rather see him fight Belfort. Brazilian bad blood, it always makes for great fights. Let him fight Belfort now and if he loses have him fight Leban but if he wins have him fight someone like Sonnen or Marquardt. I'd love to see him fight Marquardt.
3/24/11 10:15:12AM

Posted by Twenty20Dollars

I'd say Leben I guess, but I see him losing to Leben or Vitor.

Wanderlei will make a horror movie out of Leben!!!!
3/24/11 4:43:46PM
Wandy needs to quit ducking Stann!
3/24/11 6:01:01PM
Wandy should fight Vitor for sure. Stann should stop calling out legends and fight whoever they put in front of him.
3/24/11 7:37:44PM
Wandy needs to fight already!!
The dude aint getting any younger
Two fights in two years is sad

It really doesn't matter. I see him fighting both guys eventually

But I think leban would be easier for him.
3/24/11 8:01:28PM
I have wanted to see Wanderlei vs Lebe ever since Wand moved to 185
3/25/11 1:14:36PM
Leben hands down, FOTY written all over it.
3/26/11 10:05:58AM
Leben or Vitor
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