What if wandy comes in heavy?

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3/23/09 3:11:18PM
Its already a catch weight right? So what happens? I assume same thing as always and they agree on a new weight with wandy taking a hit to his $$$. Just curious..

I DO NOT think this will happen as wandy is the biggest supporter of dana making this a ne weight class (not gona happen)

the sam could be asked for shamrock v diaz (but its the wrong forum)
3/23/09 3:25:26PM
Id imagine itll be the same proceedure that happens whenever somebody misses weight. I dont think Franklin would be to happy about it though.
3/23/09 7:10:08PM
Wandy will make 195 all day. IMO he will have a hard cut to 185 , but he should be able to make it. If done right it shouldn't hurt him much.
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