Wanderlei Silva training to score a hat-trick

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10/22/08 1:13:13AM
Getting ready to face Quinton “Rampage” Jackson for the third time in career, Wanderlei Silva isn’t resting in Las Vegas. The man behind Wandy’s preparation, Rafael Alejarra seeks a hat-trick over Rampage. “I want another victory, it doesn’t matter if it comes with a knockout, submission or decision. Score is a score, we want the victory and go after the belt. The most important is the victory, and we wanna a great one. We have the goal and we’ll fight smart to win”, said Alejarra, commenting Wanderlei’s training.

10/22/08 1:44:49AM
Rampage better pre book a trip to the mental hospital .

10/22/08 2:39:15AM
I hope Rampage has a good fight, But.... I think this is a real bad fight for him, Fighting the guy who has smashed him twice before, Badly! How this doesnt play on his 'fragile' mind I dont know, It could I spose.

This will be a huge test for Quinton, Mentally and Phisically.

My pick will be a Silva TKO, But its hard to pick on a fight that you really like both fighters heaps, Im sure im not the only guy here that feels this way.

10/22/08 3:09:56AM
Not hard for me...Rampage is a chump WAR WANDY
10/22/08 4:02:39AM
I can't find a reason not to pick Wandy in this fight......so

Wandy knocks Page the F%&K out
10/22/08 5:16:21AM
Time for Wandy's real comeback
10/22/08 12:39:27PM
i'm really hoping to see the hat-trick...might even make the trip to vegas to see it in person.
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