Wanderlei Silva Taking the Year off

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6/28/07 11:40:02PM
Performify back with some big news from the world of PRIDE Fighting Championships.

PRIDE’s Wanderlei Silva declared that he will take off the rest of 2007 to focus on training. In an in-depth interview posted today in the Gazeta do Povo, a newspaper from Silva’s hometown of Curitiba, Brazil, the former PRIDE 205-pound champion expressed that he would not return to the PRIDE ring — or the UFC Octagon — until sometime in 2008.

6/29/07 12:55:16AM
If him taking off for training means he'll be ready to fight top competition again I'm all for it.
6/29/07 12:57:56AM
I think this is a good move for him. I love Silva, so to see him come back and kick some a** would be awesome!
6/29/07 1:02:59AM
hopefully he doesn't decide to make his comeback against Crocop or some shit.
6/29/07 1:24:14AM

Posted by ButterBalls

hopefully he doesn't decide to make his comeback against Crocop or some shit.

True, but if he came back in great shape, it could be a good rematch!
6/29/07 2:29:04AM
i thought he already said this month's ago. Maybe he's reiterating his point to discount the Chuck/Wandy rumors. I'd much rather he come back in top form anyway.
6/29/07 2:40:48AM
Yeah if you see when this is posted it was over a month ago. The sale of Pride had not been completed. Since then Dana and Wandy have come out, and said they have opened negotiations. He may take the year off, and I hope he does, but I wouldn't say this article is 100% correct due to what happened since.

Just like everyone else I want to see Chuck vs Wandy, but I want to be sure both are the top of their games when it goes down. I would like to see both get one fight before they square off. Confidence is every thing for a fighter, and I don't want to see either fighter be timid as many are when coming off a KO loss. I would also like to see Wandy get a chance to get some octagon experience before this super bout. There are huge rule changes from Pride to the UFC, and Wandy hasn't been in an octagon in 6 years.
6/29/07 3:37:23PM
From Dana's conference call yesterday.

During yesterday’s conference call with the media, White said there is no truth to the rumors that former UFC light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell will fight PRIDE standout Wanderlei in Silva on the UFC 76 card.

White said Liddell probably won’t fight again before November.
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