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POLL: Assuming Rampage's rampage continues. Who he fights next ?
Machida/T Silva winner 33% (14)
Bonnar 10% (4)
Liddell/Evans winner 10% (4)
Soko/Cane winner 17% (7)
Vera (if he wins) 2% (1)
Franklin/Hamill winner 29% (12)
7/29/08 12:38:55AM

Last I heard was that he wanted to return late in the year and by looking at the schedule of the LHW fighters that seems like is the only way to find a good match-up for him now that Rampage is out for now. So I was wondering who could be his next opponent? Maybe he will headline UFC 91 or be part of the December card (92?) or no Wandy til' 2009?

I can only think of 3 situations...

A) Chuck beats Rashad
Get the Machida/T.Silva winner in Jan or Dec. to determine next title shot against Forrest-Liddell winner.

B) Rashad pulls the upset and Machida wins at 89
Machida take the title shot and Wandy fights Rashad in Jan. to determine the next one.

C)Thiago and Rashad win...
Flip a coin to determine who gets the title shot or make them fight each other to earn it. Wandy get Franklin/Hamill winner and Forrest take a break. IMO- Rashad would get the shot depending on performance, if he beats Liddell in a boring and not really dominant fashio...that, plus a SPLIT with Bisping and a Tito Draw(actually a lost) wont be enough to get the shot-IMO.

7/29/08 12:46:37AM
I was thinking he would fight Bonnar coming up but he isn't going to be ready to go for a while right? Maybe someone like Goran Reljic. I'm not sure but I'm starting to get withdrawals so I need to see him fight soon. I was so excited after the Rampage vs. Griffin fight b/c I knew that Wanderlei would fight Rampage next but that looks like it may never happen. I do hope he fights before the end of the year though.
7/29/08 2:06:12AM
If Thiago wins, it will be him, and if not, the Franklin Hamill winner. Hamill will beat Wandy to a pulp.
7/29/08 9:07:55AM

Posted by RMFG_187

If Thiago wins, it will be him, and if not, the Franklin Hamill winner. Hamill will beat Wandy to a pulp.

idk about any of what u just posted! War Wandy! bc if he's back to his old self there isnt to much in his way of getting the belt, except Dana. I dont think Dana wants to see him with it.
7/29/08 11:03:41AM
I'm surprised Vera has said he would fight Wandy but not Machida. I don't think he would fight either personaly. The winner of Machida/Silva will be getting a title shot i'm sure.I just can't see the UFC matching up Bonnar and Wandy but I guess you never know. So that leaves the Liddell/Evans winner and the Franklin/Hamill winner because I can't see the UFC matching up the winner of Soko/Cane.

So in the end I would have to say the Franklin/Hamill winner or the Liddell/Evans winner gets Wandy next.
7/29/08 1:28:34PM
Hamill wins against Franklin and then fights Wandy for number one contender. Epic fight with Hamill suffering his first real loss.
7/29/08 1:58:53PM
I think he should fight machida. Tito Ortiz is the best fighter he's fought and I would rank tito just outside of the top10 at the time of the fight... possibly just barely in the top10. I think Machida needs to step up his competition he's clearly shown he's a top fighter so let's see him against a tough opponent who is hungry for a win and who will press the action with him. I think Wandy is the best fighter to test Machida because he's a very aggressive top level striker, the kind of style that will really put Machida's evasive countering style to the test. Plus it will be a big win for Wanderlei and a big step towards being top contender.
7/29/08 4:40:16PM
My picks were Machida over Silva via TKO in 3rd, and I got Liddell over Evans KO in the 3rd. If Chucky wins, He'll be fighting Forrest in Dec. for the belt. And, then I think Machida would wait on a limb, til early '09 for his shot. I think only a Rampage matchup would be the only one to lure him before taking his shot. I got Soko in a 1st round TKO over Cane, and a Silva/Sokodjou fight would be the s@#$ in Dec. (If they don't pull together the Shogun Coleman fight, I wouldn't mind seeing Shogun/Soko). I got Hamill over Franklin. Vera over Jardine in Oct.
So between; Machida, Evans, Hamill, Soko, Thiago, Vera... Machida out because he'll wait for his title shot, Evans would be a high poss. cuz he'll be ready to redeem himself after Chuck knocks him out,for his first official loss, Hamill would be alright, but a victory in that fight would propel Hamill into no.1 contender conversations, and I don't agree with that . Thiago vs. Hamill would be a good fight for early '09 considering both are fighting in Sept.-Oct. already. Soko has been calling out Shogun since Pride, supposedly, and would fuel Wandy alil bit more I think to take that if all goes as predicted, Soko might not be ready for a fight 8 weeks after the Cane fight, but wait didn't he knock out Lil Nog, and Arona within a few months? Vera won't take a Wandy fight in 8 weeks, esp. after the Jardine fight, He thought Reese Andy was making him tired!? Most likely, Evans to me. If all goes how I predicted.
But, wildcards would be Rampage coming back by year's end for a third fight, Machida saying let's do it, and make it an official No.1 contender fight, after Chuck/Forrest. Hell, throw Hendo in there with him at 205, Dan would be up for it.
7/29/08 7:05:34PM
i think he will fight rampage in nov or at least headline the nov card there is no one else with star quality that can
i just don't know who he would fight it would be cool if he dropped to middle and fought hendo again
7/29/08 7:28:59PM
call me crazy but wandy vs forrest ne one?? wandy did jus knock out the guy to beat forrest last!!!!
7/29/08 7:45:12PM
I keep hearing that Wanderlei wont be fighting until December. I think I also heard about it when Irvin or Vera said it during an interview before the Silva/Irvin event.
7/29/08 11:57:28PM
I may be able to answer this soon..i will be interviewing Wandelei tommorow..and definately plan on asking this!!
7/30/08 12:33:50PM

Posted by Mayhem13

I may be able to answer this soon..i will be interviewing Wandelei tommorow..and definately plan on asking this!!

looking fwd to see that interview, post the link ASAP
7/30/08 5:36:04PM
Wand Vs Rampage - UFC 91
7/31/08 6:14:39PM
he needs to fight the winner of silva vs machida and then whoever wins that deserves a title shot.
7/31/08 6:22:13PM

Posted by sparky

call me crazy but wandy vs forrest ne one?? wandy did jus knock out the guy to beat forrest last!!!!

those two train together and its always a little tricky gettting training partners to fight, but with that said its not like theyve been training together for years so i guess it could happen, im just not sure that wandy is as high up the ladder as guys like machida, or the chuck/rashad winner. not a terrible thought though, it would be a good fight if forrest and wandy hooked em up.
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