Wanderlei Silva vs. Rich Franklin

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2/19/08 7:53:52AM
how do you see this going? would Rich fall victim to the thai clinch again or be able to avoid those situations because of Wandy's height in comparison to him as opposed to Anderson
2/19/08 8:36:34AM
I think Wand is stronger then Anderson and I would think that he would be able to get the KO on Rich. If Wand does move down I think he would be a beast.
2/19/08 9:52:44AM
That's funny, I just got finished commenting on the post about Wanderlei dropping down in weight, that I would love to see this fight. However, I have to disagree with your assessment of the fight. I feel Rich learned a lot from the two losses from Anderson, and if he gets even close to getting clinched up, he'll take Wanderlei down. Plus Rich is taller than Wanderlei and it'll be easier for him to escape the clinch or avoid it all together. Rich is stronger than both those guys, when you talk about all around strength, but clinched up is a little different. Rich is too smart to keep making the same mistakes, he'd find a way to beat Wanderlei whether it stays standing or goes to the ground. But Wanderlei is a good guy and I like the dude, so I wish him lucky no matter what.
2/19/08 10:39:00AM
Does Rich want too get owned by everyone who was ever Chute Boxe? cuz im Toronto Chute Boxe and i'd fight him
2/19/08 10:51:33AM
I don't see how Rich could win this fight... I see it ending much like Rich vs Anderson or Wanderlei vs Rampage did
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