Wanderlei Silva returns in February

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9/26/09 10:56:15PM
Brazilian legend Wanderlei Silva expects to return to the Octagon in February 2010, he told Fighters Only earlier today.

“I think my next fight will be February next year,” he said. “Maybe later, but I expect February. I don’t know my opponent yet, but I will find out next month.”

9/26/09 10:57:23PM
Best news I've heard all day.
9/26/09 11:17:53PM
God I hope he wins....BIG! It's already bad enough....
9/27/09 2:20:14AM
Great news!! Hope that he comes back ready to make a run at the MW belt.
9/27/09 11:24:22AM
cote might be back at the same time as well
9/27/09 11:37:28AM
Man, do I look forward to his return. Win or Lose I love Wanderlei, and I love watching him fight, but he needs a win this time around, so I really hope he brings his A game. Time to mount a comeback Wandy.
9/28/09 11:50:42PM
i know people probably wont agree with me but i think wandy needs a few cans to fight before they give him more big fights, a three fight knockout streak against cans would probably get wandy his killer instinct back (plus that would give him a break from being beat up) then give him something more substancial, if they rush wandy his chin will just turn more into glass and he will fall into the background...
9/29/09 10:45:29AM

Posted by jae_1833

God I hope he wins....BIG! It's already bad enough....

I think it is going to be either Brutal KO wins by Silva or Decision losses for him.
9/29/09 10:57:24AM
Please UFC, if you're listening, match 'the axe murderer" up against Leben asap.
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