Wanderlei Silva Returns Against Brian Stann at UFC 130

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2/3/11 1:14:28PM
MMA legend Wanderlei Silva has been on the shelf since his unanimous decision win over Michael Bisping at UFC 110 last February, but the former champion is ready to make his long awaited return to the Octagon against fellow middleweight Brain Stann.

Although the bout had been rumored for weeks, it was made official for UFC 130 during the promotion’s most recent episode of ‘Ultimate Insider.’

“The Axe Murderer” had several fighters call him out during his time on the mend, but one of the sport’s most well liked fighters is ready to end what will be a 15-month layoff, the longest of his professional career.

Stann, a former WEC light heavyweight champion, has been appointed the chairman of Silva’s welcome back party committee.

The former marine was impressive in his last outing at UFC 125 as he ran through the extremely durable Chris Leben on New Year’s Day.

UFC 130 is scheduled for May 28th and will go down inside the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. A lightweight championship rematch will headline the card as Frankie Edgar will once again defend his title against Gray Maynard.

2/3/11 1:30:31PM
WAAARRRR!!!! Someone is getting KTFO!!!!
2/3/11 1:34:56PM
Hopefully its Stann, WAR Silva, bring back the Pride Silva of old.
2/3/11 1:55:41PM
I Stann was one tough dude when I found out about his military background, and he put it all into perspective when he handled Leben. I'll enjoy this fight. It will be like hungry gorillas going at it in the cage.

Wouldn't be surprised if someone ends up getting knocked out, and if I had to guess I think it will be Stann.
2/3/11 2:22:31PM
Stann has nothing for Wanderlei except a punchers chance. Wand can win in every position, in every every situation, in every transition and with any submission he wants. Wanderlei is simply a better and more complete mixed martial artist regardless of how you feel about his skillset today.
2/3/11 2:26:24PM
Wandy didnt want this fight, but stann is winning this fight.
2/3/11 2:32:12PM

Posted by Twenty20Dollars

Wandy didnt want this fight, but stann is winning this fight.

Absolutely no disrespect to Brian Stann but I think Silva was looking for a more high profile opponent. He's into the last couple years of his career and I think he would like a few legendary fights to go out on.
2/3/11 2:59:39PM

Posted by Twenty20Dollars

Wandy didnt want this fight, but stann is winning this fight.

"hey wand! whos that guy with the flat top you just beat?"

thats why wandy doesnt want that fight bro
2/3/11 3:52:04PM
I wouldn't count Stann out on this one guys. He looked in the best shape of his career, and put on the best performance of his career against Leben. He trains with some top flight talent at Jackson MMA.

Wanderlei couldn't even finish Bisping...
2/3/11 4:08:56PM
And Stann couldnt finish Steve Cantwell or Rodney Wallace...
5 more seconds on the clock and Wand has a tko win over Bisping
2/3/11 5:45:15PM
Yes!!!!!!!! Thank god

I was hoping this match or a possible florian vs guillard added
This fight card is stacked
Obvious struve vs browne will be a spike prelim
I can't wait to go!!!
2/4/11 2:54:43AM
i think wandy is making a serious mistake if he thinks hes going to steamroll stann. stann absolutely dismantled leban, and i thought leban would have been a good fight for wandy. im a fan of both guys but i think stann's gonna surprise everybody with tko
2/4/11 3:54:24AM
lol at this thread
2/4/11 9:22:48AM
I feel Wand has the edge and should take it, 2 solid wins at middleweight should get him a top 5 opponent.
2/4/11 12:27:07PM
Stann by ko as Wandy falls victim to the UFC's 14 month layoff curse
2/4/11 3:31:11PM
I want Wanderlei to win this fight bad but man I just don't think he will.
Their's any big chance he'll get the KO but I feel their's a bigger chance of Stann getting their first. Regardless i'm rooting for The Axe Murderer!
2/4/11 6:35:31PM
Id gladly give anyone a 3:1 avatar bet for Stann, since most seem to be so confident in that.
2/4/11 7:02:27PM
Wandy..... by murder
2/5/11 8:15:57AM
Not happening and apparently never was. Silva won't be healthy enough.

2/22/11 4:12:04PM
If you ask me, Wandy has this by KO RD2 or 3.
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