Wanderlei Silva vs Quinton Jackson 3 Hype Video

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12/8/08 12:52:29AM
Gonna be at this one live....can't wait

12/8/08 2:33:17AM
I hate this fit, I love them both. I hope it's an all out brawl that ends in a draw lol.
12/8/08 3:47:59AM
^ I feel the same but everything leads me to believe Page is going down again.
12/8/08 1:16:15PM
My god, i agree with the two posters above.
I like both of these guys so much, I'm a huge Wandy fan at heart though...

I kind of hope Wand wins, just because we'd be likely to see him fight for a title after...and that's what i want to see. The best LHW of all time fighting for a title once again.
However, this fight is so tough for me to call...It seems like Page has gotten so much better, he's taking MMA way more serious since they last fought.
I think Rampage has improved more than Wandy has improved over the last couple of years.

It should be a classic though.
12/8/08 5:42:20PM
well I hope he has figuered out how to get away from those knees cause Im sure thats where Wandi is betting he is gonna get him
12/8/08 6:58:12PM
i want wandy to win so that he can hopefully fight forest (that is if forest also wins) for the belt. that would be an awesome fight
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