Wanderlei Silva has new site

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6/6/07 10:41:12AM

The Chute Boxe star is visiting the USA

Anybody that thinks Wanderlei Silva is taking a break is fooling himself. Although there has been no confirmation of a fight in the near future, the star of Chute Boxe is still working hard. Wand’s most recent commitment was this weekend, in the United States. More and more popular in the land of Uncle Sam these days, Wand participated in the inauguration of Randy Couture’s newest gym.

Photos of the trip to the UFC heavyweight champion’s lair can bee seen on Wand’s new site. The address is still the same www.wanderleisilva.com.br, but the page has been reformulated and now web surfers can follow the steps of the idol from Curitiba around the world. It is worth a visit.

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