Wanderlei Silva on UFC 79, Move to Middleweight, Liddell Rematch

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1/6/08 1:28:39PM
Wanderlei Silva is in pain.

But it’s not the beating Chuck Liddell put on him at the Mandalay Bay Events Center exactly one week earlier that is hurting Silva on this chilly Southern Nevada Saturday night.

“Here,” Silva says, pounding his chest. “This is where it hurts"

“I’m happy everyone was happy and I helped give them a good show,” said Silva, who has lost three consecutive bouts. “I wish there was a way (to have won).“

A week after the rousing bout, he said he has more respect for Liddell than he ever did before.

“He’s good, very, very good,” Silva said. “People should realize how good, how strong Chuck is. I knew he was good, but he’s better than I thought. He’s big. These guys in the UFC, they’re all so big.“

As soon as Silva said that, though, he smiled. He anticipated the next question would be whether he’d consider a drop to middleweight, where the limit is 185 pounds and the fighters are much more his size.

But he quickly ruled that out.

“That’s way too much weight for me to lose,” Silva said. “I couldn’t do it.“

1/6/08 1:34:38PM
I thought about this once before. Rampage is one of the bigger guys in the LHW div, and Wand did well against him.
1/6/08 3:06:19PM
I think size makes the biggest difference in the clinch and on the fence and Silva ha s a pretty good clinch if you ask me. If he could drop to MW he would do well for several reasons, but I don't think that is his only option to win. I think he'll do well in the LHW division.
1/6/08 3:28:29PM
wandy would dominate middleweight, he should stay at 205 because there are still many good fights for him in the best division in mma.
1/6/08 3:32:44PM
I'm glad to hear something from him.
1/6/08 5:06:52PM
wandy will be back better then even
1/6/08 5:46:32PM
Wow, I love how if you lose a fight. The solution is to move down, not just simply...learn and get better.

Diego loss to Kos because of a staph infection. He lost to Fitch but I believe Fitch is the only person that on GSP's best night, could give him a really hard challenge. He shouldn't move down. Dominate like he was and rematch Kos and get back in it.

Bisping moved down because it was a good choice. He had extra fat hanging out from my view and every LHW would destroy him. Wandy is a beast and will knock out everybody else he faces. Look at his losses. Cro Co at heavyweight, Dan Henderson in alot of top 10's and Chuck in a war.

People should quit making the quick solution to drop down. I can't believe it's really that impossible to lose and learn and then come back stronger. Multiple champions have done it. Some off these experts really piss me off. How this question came about for Wandy is beyond me. He easily walks around over 210
1/6/08 5:49:24PM
Wandy walks around heavier then Cro Cop fights at. Well used to fight at, around 225.
1/6/08 9:25:20PM

Posted by cmill21

Wandy walks around heavier then Cro Cop fights at. Well used to fight at, around 225.

yea, the last time he fought cro cop at the open weight tourny he was heavier than cro cop, i think cro cop came in at 225 and wandy at 230
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