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POLL: Who takes it?
Wanderlei Silva 79% (23)
Michael Bisping 14% (4)
Bad match up that I have no interest in 7% (2)
Good match up, I can't decide who takes it. 0% (0)
Obligatory Don King Option 0% (0)
8/18/09 7:15:31PM
Hey guys, a buddy of mine and I were discussing some match ups for both Bisping and Silva following both of their losses. We both came to the decision that this would be an excellent match up for both these fighters. Both Bisping and Wanderlei have a good chance to win and should prove to be a bit of a war on the feet. Personally I think Wandy would take this, but Mike has a good shot as well if he can keep on his bike and keep his footwork together. What do you guys think?
8/18/09 7:39:10PM
I don't think Bisping has enough KO power (if any at all) to significantly damage Silva, let alone put his lights out... Bisping is good at the stick and move though, and could take this fight on points.

But if he stays in the pocket too long, or does what he did at UFC100, his lights are getting turned off.

Should be a good one if it did happen, but I would go for the Axe Murderer because "win or lose, I love to give emotion to my fans!"

8/18/09 7:43:04PM
I think Bisping breaks if he is pushed/pressured.

Henderson landed a few good shots and pressured bisping in the first round of their fight and bisping just looked uhh like worried or uncomfortable.

I think Silva aggressiveness would win him the fight, silva would chase bisping and then get inside quick and land one good shot to rock him and then tko him.
8/18/09 7:46:44PM
After seeing how Dan pretty muched bullied him without any respect,It's hard to imagine Wandy doing any less that sending him into an early grave (career wise).

But,I think Bisping has probably gained a lot of insight after his loss to Hendo,and I think next time we see him in action he'll be a notch or two above were he was against Dan.
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