Wanderlei Silva vs. Keyboard Warriors

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5/31/07 9:10:47AM

Wanderlei Silva vs. Keyboard Warriors

Credit: Evil Master.

Man this made me laugh my ass off for a hour.
5/31/07 11:58:53AM
Haha, thats an awesome Idea!

That fat guy in the bull mask wasnt up to much, one punch, not even that hard and he went down screaming, but I suppose with that massive beer gut, and most likely a swollen and unhealthy liver, it was probably like the pain button in his abdomen!

Like Bas Rutten says the liver is the target in abdomen, one good shot to that can really take the wind out of your sails!
5/31/07 12:26:56PM
thats hilarious
6/3/07 8:44:51PM

Posted by shakeandbake

thats hilarious

6/5/07 10:22:52AM
Yeah I have seen this before, absolutely hilarious.
6/14/07 2:51:18AM
Supposedly brazilian version of jackass
6/14/07 5:01:14AM
We already have this, and it's called Pros Vs. Joes.
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