Wanderlei Silva Will Show All His Heart On June 13

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3/27/09 11:59:20AM
Despite being in a serious slump lately, Wanderlei Silva says he has no plans to retire soon and will keep fighting as long as people say they'll keep watching his fights because they will be good fights. He also says he will show all his heart on June 13 against Rich Franklin and will be there to KO or be KO'd.

3/27/09 12:44:21PM
War Wanderlei
3/27/09 1:10:39PM
I would like to see the old Wandy back. However, there is only so much punishment one can take. I hope this isn't the case, but I can't help but wonder that his past fights are catching up to him. I do believe that Wandy is still young enough to make another run.
3/27/09 1:28:59PM
when doesnt silva show all his heart?
3/27/09 2:10:28PM
I for one dont want him to retire any time soon he is always good in the build up to fights.Like wanderlei says he is there to ko or get ko'd thats why he is a legend.WAR WANDY
3/27/09 2:14:05PM
It's absolutely impossible not to respect a fighter with the mindset of Wanderlei...

He's been my favorite for as long as I remember, and always will be... I hate watching him lose, and hope he does well against Rich (Who is also one of my favs, but just a little ways under Wand)

War Wanderlei
3/27/09 3:25:52PM
War Wand
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