Wanderlei Silva expects Belfort rematch

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6/26/09 6:47:58PM
Wanderlei Silva expects to be offered a rematch with Vitor Belfort if the UFC signs the Brazilian middleweight.

Silva - a Brazilian middleweight himself - fought Belfort at UFC Ultimate Brazil back in 1998. Belfort stopped him in 44 seconds with a lightning fast series of punches that ran Silva backwards across the Octagon.

“That sequence of punches... I don’t know whether that was technique or anxiety. Many people told me he was dying of fear to face me so that must have been anxiety [that drove him]," he told Brazil's Sensei Sport TV.

6/26/09 6:51:05PM
wanderlei shouldn't keep asking to fight strikers...
6/26/09 7:20:39PM

Posted by loller90278

wanderlei shouldn't keep asking to fight strikers...

as long as he keeps asking we keep getting exciting fights where we know someone is going night-night though, thats not too bad in my book. this is a match id love to see, neither guy will put you to sleep.
6/26/09 7:57:55PM
Prolly not the best idea by Wandy for get a rematch. I think Vitor would get the KO again.
6/26/09 8:00:10PM
Vitor will KO Wandy again and probably a lot worse this time!!!!
6/26/09 8:25:16PM
Vitor would desminate Wandy again
6/26/09 8:54:43PM
WANDY wins this fight =) idc ill stand alone on this one
6/26/09 8:58:09PM
ill take viscious straight punch boxing over looping muay tai hooks anyday
6/26/09 9:07:23PM
agreed with most here Wandy would get destroyed again
6/26/09 9:17:32PM
Not a smart mach up if Wandy wins then the just brought Belfort in to loss his first fight. If Belfort wins then the just sent Wandy packing. Why have these to fight right off the bat let them get some wins against other guys that way you can keep them both around longer
6/26/09 9:18:21PM
Sorry Wandy, but Vitor would demolish you.

Give em' Bisping after he loses to Dan.
6/26/09 10:16:27PM

Posted by motorboatensob
If Belfort wins then the just sent Wandy packingr

I dont think Dana will send Wandy packing just yet if he loses. Wandy has been involved in 2 KOTN awards and 2 FOTN awards. He makes Dana plenty of money still and is better than 75% of the UFC's LHW and MW fighters.

If this fight happens im picking Wanderlei by TKO.
6/27/09 1:25:00AM
Yeah I don't like the idea.
6/27/09 2:38:04AM
i would take belfort by brutal ko
6/27/09 3:20:03AM
Horrible matchup for Wanderlei.This fight would be at 185,and it would be Wandy's first cut down to that weight,which is going to really zap him (195 damn near killed him).All Vitor really has to do is go in there and start throwing hands with Wandy.He'll catch him and put him down,just like last time.

The UFC really needs to throw Wandy a bone at this point in his career if they want to keep him around and get a few more fights out of him.They can't keep throwing him in there with Top Ten talent-his body just can't take it anymore,and while he can still be competitve,that's not good enough against today's guys.They need to put him in there with somebody like Nate Quarry or Ricardo Almeida-a tough guy with a decent reputation,but a guy that Wandy is going to beat up nonetheless.

Keep throwing Wandy in there against Franklin,Belfort,Rampage,ect.,and you're just going to drive him straight into retirement.

6/27/09 4:52:35AM
I just wanna see Belfort back in the UFC
6/27/09 5:30:04AM
i love wandy and i don't think i want to see the outcome of this fight.This might be a sad night for wandy's fans so i hope the fight don't happen.
6/27/09 7:42:22AM
I would be very excited to see this fight happen. This fight would be awesome. Two ferocious strikers and one would definitely get KOed.
Not sure who I would pick....
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