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12/29/08 11:48:02AM
some people seem to be turning on wandy and saying he is done etc.

whether that is true or not is yet to be determined.

What we do know is wanderei has been a dominant vicious animal of a fighter for years, while still being known as being one of the nicest, fan friendly fighters, and a general good person.

Whether he looses every fight from this point on, graciously bows out of the sport, or makes the epic comeback we all know he is capable of, he DESERVES our respect and thanks.

to one of the greatsest fighter to walk the planet.
12/29/08 11:49:02AM
win lose or draw one of my favorites, wandwagon never die
12/29/08 12:20:01PM
Wandy will always have a place in this sport. It would be different if he was becoming lackluster or boring, but the guy gives 110% percent of any fight he's in and you can see he truly just loves to fight. He would probably fight every day if he could

12/29/08 12:46:43PM
yeah, its hard not to say his best days are behind him and his battles are catching up with him....but hes still a tough threat and i still consider him top 10 at lhw.....his recent string of losses are against top 10 fighters, so he's not losing to chumps.....we'll get a better idea of were he's at if his next fight is against a more lower ranked but still legit opponent....say maybe a t silva (if he loses to machida) and a cane
12/29/08 1:03:04PM
shit if hes done let him be done he has earned it the man is a beast.if he wants to still fight i support that to. but like it was isad ealryere he has been in some wars they had to catch up sooner or later
12/29/08 1:07:56PM
I like the idea of wand vs. the loser of Machida/Thiago. Also agree that you cannot blame him for losing to a top contender like Rampage. IMO Wanderlei is far from done!
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12/29/08 1:16:56PM
He's lost too many fights to get back to the top any time soon.
12/29/08 1:32:19PM
no way all he has to do is win 2 fights and he is right back in itwho know next Dec he could be fighting for a title
12/29/08 1:48:58PM
Wandy is definatley not done, his position is kind of like chucks. They both were on a losing streak then they came back with a big win and then they both got caught right after. Chuck got caught by Rashad, Wandy got caught by Rampage. If anyone had taken that left hook by Rampage they wouldve hit the mat. To say Wanderlei has lost his chin is stupid. People get caught. Yeah this is his 3rd time getting put out cold but those were all huge shots, he has taken some punishment in his day but Wandy is a warrior and he will keep fighting til his body cannot take it anymore and that is far from happening.

12/29/08 4:24:53PM
Wandy is still in their,imo.
I think him and Chuck should have one more go around though.
Maybe then they should both retire?
12/29/08 5:11:51PM
Devastating blow...landed Flush...threw three more in for good measure, I mean, could you see Wandy doing the same thing to Rampage, or anyone for that matter? Answer is yes.
Silva is still a top 10 LHW in my book. He will be part of more great matchups in the future, I'm sure of it. Tell me, what fight garnered more attention, more hype then the third 'biggest' fight on the card? All you heard about was the trilogy, and the rivalry, it was exciting. I am a Wanderlei fan, and props to Rampage. He has cleaned his boxing up over the past few years, and he deserves the win because that was a h@## of shot. I hope that this doesn't put Silva, mentally, in the state of refrain, and hope he gets back on the horse. But he has done more than enough, to do what he feels is best.
Two outta three ain't baddd....
12/29/08 5:16:19PM
I was quite saddened when he lost, but glad to see the same Rampage at the same time. I had just got my new Wandy action figure too. I've always liked him because of how gracious he was to the fans. Like Nog and few others...
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