Wanderlei says Akiyama next, then Bisping

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3/2/10 10:30:48PM

While his focus now turns to Akiyama, Silva also mentioned a second fight with Michael Bisping, who wanted another shot after losing the unanimous decision in Sydney.

"The next is (Akiyama) and he is number one, and the number two is Bisping because I'm going to give a rematch to him," said Silva.
3/3/10 12:37:41AM
it will never happen if silva beats akiyama
ufc will hand him a title shot or have him face winner of belcher/cote
3/3/10 10:31:57AM
I have no interest in a Bisping rematch, unless it's it for a title. It's just like how Wandy wanted that rematch with Franklin after their fight.
3/3/10 1:01:22PM
The rematch wont happen unless it has major meaning, A plain rematch doesnt! I ment Wanderlei in Sydney, He is the best guy ever, Hope he get past Sexy, Then fights for a No.1 Contender spot, Or even the belt. With a name Like Wanderlei Silva, Anything could happen.

3/3/10 1:11:28PM
I love all the possible Wandy fights at 185.....
Cote vs Wandy
Belcher vs Wandy
Leben vs Wandy
Lawlor vs Wandy
the list goes on......
3/3/10 10:31:47PM
absolutely no point in a rematch the fight wasn't controversial wandy won that fight 3 times bisping just has to cry and hope he gets his way I don't understand why he got ko'ed choked out and lost a decision he just got lucky the bell kept ringing
3/4/10 5:49:01PM
Bisping needs to come to grips with this loss and look forward......to being a gatekeeper!
3/4/10 9:43:40PM
Wandy's kicking himself in the ass too haha because he knows he could have finished Bisping in the first if he blitzed more often and sooner then just ten seconds at the end of the round, I got scared because he was trying to outbox Bisping which I know alot of us thought that's how Bisping could win.

Glad he had a pretty good showing in his first fight at that weight. Can't wait to see the Akiyama fight, thats gonna be sick, stuck on this one..
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