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9/28/11 10:22:33AM

Posted by warglory

You're comparing Cung Le's power to CroCop's? When Cung can say he has KOd anyone noteworthy, maybe we can talk, but come on now...

actually I was comparing Wanderlei's chin from then and now. He couldn't handle Cro-Cops kick to the head then, nothing makes me think he can handle a swift kick to the dome now. He's been getting knocked out pretty easily lately.
9/28/11 10:23:06AM

Posted by warglory

Posted by JKJBrannen

Cung going to whoop that ass, if he can stay outside and utilize his wrestling when Wandy tries his nasty clinch work... can't wait to see a couple them side kicks in HD.

Who in the UFC do you know has ever been able to stay on the outside of Wand? This isn't a ring, it's a cage, making it far more difficult to CroCop someone.

To be fair though, the cage hasn't been too kind to Wanderlei. I don't even think that Cung will need to necessarily stay outside, because if Wanderlei closes the distance, Cung can just shoot on him and take him down.

It should be an entertaining fight, but I don't see Wanderlei taking it if he fights like he has the past few years, save his fight with Bisping.
9/28/11 11:26:35AM

Posted by warglory

Wow, I cannot believe how much respect Cung is getting in this fight. Wanderlei is going to DESTROY Cung Le in this fight, and I mean rape choke KO kind of destruction, and I will lay down an avatar bet with one unlucky individual.

Cung is going to come in all flashy and arrogant, riding high on the seemingly insurmountable level of respect he gets, and is going to get blasted.

Cung, has never fought a quality striker by today's standards in his entire MMA career, INCLUDING Frank Shamrock. Wanderlei has fought no one but the best fighters in the world since entering the UFC, and more the better part of his PRIDE career. The experience factor is going to play a huge role in this fight.

It is impressive you are ready to lay down an avatar bet on Wanderlei. I don't know if I can ever bring myself to do something like that...As for me, I am not that daring. I will simply stick to just betting actual money.
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