Wanderlei and Anderson bury the hatchet at UFC 102

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8/31/09 1:32:20PM
Wanderlei and Anderson buy the hatchet at UFC 102

Despite a pretty public feud between the two icons in the last couple of months, it looks as if a meeting at UFC 102 may have put an end to it all.
8/31/09 2:36:38PM

Everyone is friends again lol
8/31/09 3:34:37PM
This pleases me as a fan of old school Chute Boxe.
8/31/09 3:36:52PM
lol, the axe murderer buries the hatchet. Too funny.
8/31/09 5:32:40PM
damm i wanted to see them fight each other
8/31/09 6:41:59PM
Notice how Wanderlei's camp had to invite over Anderson? I think rightfully so, too. Nothing to do with Silva being cocky or anything, but because Wanderlei is essentially the one that caused this feud. Wanderlei could learn wonders from a camp that teaches defensive stand up skills.
8/31/09 11:07:26PM
its good to hear, but i wanna still see this fight lol
8/31/09 11:20:38PM
I personally didn't want to see that fight, not htat I care for them on a personal level....it's just that the Wand style is perfect for A Silva, I just think that Wand would get hard KOed again...it's to predictable for me to be interested/excited in.
9/1/09 1:56:27AM
on a seperate note, anybody notice how much different wandy looked after the scar tissue removal surgery????
9/1/09 6:02:19PM
Yeah....straight up freeky!
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