Wand to get Pensacola "Key to the City"

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6/28/09 12:29:17AM

The City of Pensacola is proud to Present a Key to the City to Wanderlei Silva, Middleweight Pride Champion and UFC Fighter on Thursday, July 16th 2009.

The Mayor, Mike Wiggins, will be presenting the Key to Wanderlei at Paradise Gardens during Coffee with the Mayor, 508 W Gregory Street, Pensacola.

Later that day, Mr.Silva will be giving a speech to At Risk Teens and a street party in his honor will follow. He projects a positive influence with his life story and his determination to overcome the many obstacles that he has confronted. He is a true role model and a true warrior and great spokesman for teens all over the world.

Because of his dedication to inspire the many teens that face difficult challenges Mr. Silva generously donates his time to make a positive impact on teens from all walks of life.

6/28/09 1:10:27AM

Right on.
6/28/09 2:38:02AM
wanderlei's the man. he deserves this.

kind of funny that a guy with the nickname "axe murderer" would get the key to a city.
6/28/09 7:17:36AM
This is awsome. Couldn't really ask for a cooler guy.
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