WAMMA heavyweight belt complete

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7/5/08 6:32:41AM
Who will be crowned the champ. Anyway click on the link on the site for the pics. Most of the people I have talked to hate the look, it will be interesting to see what you guys think.

7/7/08 10:28:39AM
The belt is ugly and reminds me of a pro wrestling belt.
7/7/08 11:19:00AM
I wish, it's a boxing model, I would have preferred a WWE belt over this.
7/7/08 11:21:59AM
Call me crazy, but I like it.
7/7/08 3:09:41PM
Trump's pic says it all. The way he is holding the belt and turning his head, one would think he is holding a stinky sock.
7/9/08 12:41:16AM
Yeah it looks pretty bad......... It looks like they hired a bunch of kindergardeners to design it.
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