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POLL: What do you think about WAMMA?
Finally, This is what MMA needed 22% (5)
They have the right idea 26% (6)
Don't Care 26% (6)
Not so good, not needed yet 4% (1)
No way. No Need 22% (5)
4/1/08 12:08:53AM
For those of you who don't know. WAMMA = World Alliance of Mixed Martial Arts. Complete Fighter Rankings. Top 10 Fighters in every Weight Class regardless of The Fighters promotion.

Web Link
4/1/08 12:26:38AM
this is a great idea. about time
4/1/08 12:30:16AM
Looks like they have a group of people with a lot of knowledge of the fight game to give some professional insight on the sport.
4/1/08 1:57:01AM
4/1/08 2:57:36AM
Wow, this is great!

Thanks for pointing this out bro!!!

There are a few issues that I have with these rankings.

1. Big Nog at number 3

2. Hendo at number 8 after a title shot?

And others...

4/1/08 2:59:29AM
interesting...i haven't made my mind up yet....i need to explore more. but looks good as of now...jmo
4/1/08 4:30:52AM
it has its ups and downs... i wouldnt say its any better than any other ranking system though.
4/1/08 11:08:31AM
I still prefer the statistical approach:

4/1/08 11:23:36AM
I think this is a great idea. Little problems with the rankings though. From what they said on Inside MMA they also want to put together the best fighters from each weight class to fight. To see who the best in the world is in that weight class. That would be amazing.

Imagine Kid vs. Faber
Penn vs. JZ
4/1/08 3:35:05PM
There can be 10,765,365 web pages like this and even if the organizations start making their own rankings, people will still disagree a lot and be complaining and crying around about it.
IMO the only option to see World Rankings would be if fighters start independents careers with independent promoters with contract per fights (e.g. boxing) so we can see the top from each "org" against each other. Exactly, not going to happen.
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