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1/9/09 1:13:33PM
Florida-based American Top Team is a camp full of champions.

The latest fighter to add a belt to the ATT trophy case -- new Sengoku middleweight champion Jorge Santiago (21-7) -- has used a nine-fight win streak to stake his claim as an elite fighter in the middleweight division.

Not bad for a guy who nearly walked away from the sport just two years ago.

1/9/09 2:28:27PM
Santiago is whooping that ass
1/9/09 3:05:11PM
Worlds best my arse. He's top 20, but in no way top ten.
1/9/09 4:32:02PM
props to jorge. it's good to see fighters come back stronger then ever after losing a few in a row.
1/9/09 6:20:55PM
he'd get worked in the UFC, and end up stringing together a 1-4 record if he came back
1/9/09 6:58:13PM
it is still funny to see people with such close minded views still. it is as if to them everyone who is not in the UFC is of lower caliber...i guess Dana white really can sell his product
1/9/09 7:29:02PM
There's a lot of guys that would succeed in the UFC. Santiago just happens to not be one of them.
1/9/09 7:32:23PM
Thank you to the person above me, It's not about being closed minded, did anywhere in my previous statement did I say anyone thats not in the UFC can not win in the UFC, NO, NO I didn't, this topic is about Jorge and like before I still think he would't have much success in the UFC NOw Gegard Mousasi that I would like to see in the UFC
1/9/09 7:58:12PM
I might be wrong, but didn't Jorge fight in the UFC and get his ass handed to him? If he came to the UFC, he would get handled. He's not top ten, so let him come to the UFC and we'd all see.
1/9/09 8:04:04PM
I can see why people wouldnt think he'd do that well however Jorge might be one of the more improved fighters since leaving the UFC along with a few others, if I had to guess I'd say he'll at the least make a return.
1/10/09 1:21:40AM
I kind of have to side with the nay-sayers here, and I don't really think it's about being closed minded towards other organizations. I would argue that most of the best lightweights are in japanese orgs and most of the best heavyweights are spread across affliction and dream.

I don't deny that Jorge has improved but I still think he would lose to a large portion of the UFC's MW division. I would say Anderson, Yushin, Dan and Rich (if they fight at 185 again), and marquardt would all handle him pretty easily and I also think that Palhares and Maia would both be able to submit him. I think he would be OK, but I don't think he would crack my top10. Maybe top15.
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