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7/4/09 11:38:18PM
It would seem that Zuffa, owner of the UFC, is in the middle of operation clampdown. I’m referring to the banning of numerous apparel companies (or charging them a fee of $100,000) and now the alleged threat regarding the Electronic Arts (EA) MMA game.

In most cases I’m a supporter of the UFC when it comes to business decisions. Even if I think they are harsh or delivered in a not so couth manner, they still seem to work and whether we like it or not, the running of a promotion is a business. It doesn’t take a genius to see that the UFC has done a great deal for the sport and continues to do so.

Every now and then however, an issue arises that I just can’t comprehend. The threat of banning fighters from the UFC for life if they sign on with EA’s MMA game (a game that would compete against THQ’s UFC Undisputed), even if they don’t currently fight for the promotion, is simply outrageous and bordering on tyrannical.

7/5/09 12:52:25AM
wow this is so dumb
well then i hope fedor isnt in this game
7/5/09 2:40:53AM

Posted by mshalosky

wow this is so dumb
well then i hope fedor isnt in this game

I guarentee you that even if Fedor is in the video game the UFC would still sign him. And this goes for any unsigned top fighter as well. They are just making empty threats in regard to the unsigned UFC fighters.

However, I can see them letting go of lower level UFC fighters who would be in the game. Even taking it as high as somebody like Jon Fitch, as they previously had problems with him and this sort of ordeal.

Its understandable that they don't want their fighters in EA's game because they have a deal going with THQ. So overall, this is just a whole bunch of hush for nothing. UFC fighters don't sign because they fight for the UFC and that's THQ, and the fighters not in the UFC sign, and if they are that talented they'll be signed anyway. End of story.
7/5/09 4:22:14AM
The hole story is basically based around a rumor. The writer is making judgments without even confirming the hole topic of his story. I'm not even really sure if this belongs in the news section as it opinion story based on rumor.
7/5/09 7:38:24AM
Let's just assume for a moment that it is true. Isn't what the UFC doing then is against laws regarding free enterprise? I remember an incident that got Toys R Us in hot water years ago when they threatened to stop buying toys from companies if those same companies sold to other stores. It may be different regarding actual people and contracts, but its comparable to me. The sponsorship rumour is even more comparable.

If the UFC wants to keep running their organization the way they do they'll just have to admit that it is not the place for all the top fighters in the world and that it is just a high end organization that has chosen to promote a certain sub set of fighters, which may or may not be the best in the world.

Assuming it is true, I really feel that the UFC is trying to become a brand (with its own "home grown" fighters and products) rather than a promotion that features said fighters and products.
7/5/09 9:36:21AM
If this is true I don't think it will hold water.
Of course they'll sign guys that are in the EA game,so long as those guys have drawing power.
I would say it's nothing more than a bluff..

BTW, EA has come out and criticized THQ for not fixing the online bugs in Undisputed.
Something tells me this whole story may heat up in the coming months.
7/5/09 6:06:50PM
Its dissapointing that the UFC would make these kinds of threats(assuming they are true)...There are so many great fighters out there that have yet to make it to the UFC but are on the cusp or working their way to would really be a shame for the UFC to deny fighters just because they are trying to promote themselves and make money...of course this is the kind of thing that could lead to a serious hit to the UFC...if they seriously follow through then they will most likely be shutting out some of the best talent around over the next couple years...all we can do is sit back and watch I guess.