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1/15/08 8:04:41PM
What was Spencer Fisher's Walk-out song at UFC 78.Joe Rogan loved it,and i thought it was pretty good but couldn't remember the name.I think it was a Johnny Cash song
1/15/08 8:23:45PM

God's Gonna Cut You Down by Johnny Cash
1/15/08 9:42:29PM
That's an excellent song, I didn't get to watch so I didn't know Fisher used it. That's awesome though.
1/15/08 10:07:17PM

Posted by grappler0000


God's Gonna Cut You Down by Johnny Cash

Thanks Man
1/15/08 11:18:22PM
That was cool as hell. Another Cash song I liked was his remake of Rusty Cage. Fitch came out to that. It realy pissed my wife off. This was at UFC 76, so my restaurant was open and I couldn't watch it until after 2 AM. So here it is, like 230AM, I am buzzed, and singing not so greatly to one of my fav singers and fighters! She didn't appreciate the beauty of it nearly as much as I did.
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