UFC will wait for fedor

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9/5/08 2:15:34AM
UFC President Dana White confidently laid out his organization’s plan to acquire the services of Fedor Emelianenko (Pictures) for a future matchup with recently returned heavyweight champion Randy Couture (Pictures).

The promotion will simply wait, he said during a conference call Tuesday.
9/5/08 8:55:04AM
what i wonder is though if/when he loses to either Lesnar, Nog or Mir, will anyone really care to see him fight Fedor?
9/5/08 9:27:58AM
yeah the very real possibility of lesnar beating him will definitely take a lot of the luster out of the matchup. it will still be a huge fight but id rather see it while they are both still at the top. unfortunately brock is a bad matchup for couture. i think randy would have a better chance against any of the other top hw's and wonder why this fight is happening...
9/5/08 12:18:05PM
I would still like to see the fight happen.
9/5/08 12:51:27PM
Is there a point when it could be after Couture has lost to Brock, not even faced Nog and while he's on the last fight of his contract? It doesn't do either of them any good at that point. Plus I don't think the UFC will be able to sign Fedor lol.
9/5/08 12:55:36PM
on top of the points made.. does anyone remember that The Donald , Mr. Trump is a financial backer of Affliction.. he knows buisness.. he knows the UFC had to spend millions to get to where they are now... Do you not think he is not prepared to do the same... I do not expect Affliction to go anywhere....This man knows it takes money to make money...
9/5/08 1:27:43PM
Randys game plam ability and his heart will make me want to see him fight- I just hate that hes 45 and will be going down hill.... dont want to see him get humiliated.
9/5/08 3:26:42PM
True, Trump does know what it takes. But I really don't believe that he is as highly invested in this as the fans or as much as he is in his other businesses.
9/6/08 2:33:06AM
I'm not really sure why people think this is a bad fight for Coture. He loses to strikers not amazing wrestlers. He is arguably as good if not a better wrestler than Lesnar. Remember he is top level in freestyle and Greco.

His detractors--he's old, he's lighter, he hasn't fought in A LONNNGG time.

His positives-fought MUCH better competition; he's good at what Lesnar is good at but better at what Lesnar is NOT as good at--striking, submissions. He is an impeccibly good at game planning opponents.

Lesnar's strengths--big, quick, and strong, good bull rush, great wrestling.

???? not a whole lot else.
Detractors--zero subs; not a great striker==although a "strong" striker.
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