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4/29/09 3:07:14AM
So I was looking at a few of the wager histories for some fellow camp members today when I realized that no matter who I look at, their wagers history is the exact same as mine and doesn't match the bankroll on their profile page.

i'm assuming this is a simple glitch of some sort, but it probably should be looked at.
4/29/09 8:14:14AM
The playground frowns upon snooping.

Looking at your camp member Flashy G..not calling anyone out he was just the first member I clicked. You are right his payroll says $14,000+ and looking at his wager history this season....umm there is no way unless he was payed in pay per view buys or something
4/29/09 9:03:42AM
I have noticed the same thing in my Fight Camp. I looked at my camp's Earnings Leaders page, and while the figures displayed there are correct, if I click on "VIEW" to see another member's financial history this season, I get my wager history even though it's actually someone else's. I'll get a couple of screenshots so you can see what I'm talking about.

Edit: Links to screenshots...
Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

Screenshot 3

The first shot is of another member of my camp's wager history this season, which matches mine as you will see in screenshot 2, so screenshot 1 is incorrect. The 3rd screenshot is my camp's Earnings Leaders page, which displays the correct bankroll totals.

I've sent a report along to admin & the programmer.
4/29/09 4:15:46PM
Thanks all. This was reported to me yesterday, and I had already told the programmer. He informed me it is fixed now. ,
4/29/09 5:40:01PM
Confirmed as fixed.
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