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4/3/08 2:24:36AM

Good chances to get some $$$$$. Lots of fights with >+250

Even that my bankroll is actually lower than the season starts I feel like I can win some $$$, just look at my current rank in bankroll (7777). Always trust the Lucky 7's.

Seems like that Serra-Lutter-McCarthy-Maia parlay is going to work out well

4/3/08 4:36:14AM
Not too many big money makers there I don't think, although theres at least a conservative parley or two to make.

I'm putting most of my cash on a pretty heavy underdog, so we'll see if that pans out. Its fake money, so it might. If it was real money, forget it.
4/3/08 9:14:26AM
Ive always been unimpressed with this card and the wager lines but prove this really, the main card fights are almost ALL with big faves and dogs

I wanna see most of the prelims over most of the mismatches, but hope to make nice money again after my great wagers last night, going from around $800 to $2200 feels really good
4/3/08 11:58:15AM
You could win alot of this fake money, if you bet parlay on the underdogs. Serra,Lutter,Bocek,Charles. Like a shit ton of money if they all won.

Im betting on Charles for the upset, all 10 wins via submission. Bisping will not be a force at 185 IMO.
4/3/08 6:54:11PM
I don't see any good bets :/
4/3/08 8:37:21PM

gsp, maia, stout, valesquez

7.9 -1 odds
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