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POLL: Would you like to have the old wager system as a second option?
Yes 33% (3)
No 67% (6)
9/7/07 6:32:34PM
Who would like to see the old player-to-player wager system brought back as a second option?
9/7/07 6:38:00PM
this one work very well, the only thing that i would like to be add to the wagering system is a combination of pick, like in horse race, combining 2 or 3 fights to win more money, and to have the chance of going up in the ranking very fast.

9/7/07 7:24:34PM
While that system was fun, being as we give out actual money at the end of the season for the largest bankroll, we have to have something you can't cheat with.
9/7/07 10:08:25PM
What I would like to see is the old system placed alongside the new system. You could make a rule that says players that use the old system won't be eligible for per event and end of season earnings prizes.
9/7/07 11:19:57PM
I can't see many people wanting to forfeit the chance at actual cash to play around with fake cash.
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