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1/24/07 6:06:21PM
Here are my picks:

UFC 67
Anderson Silva
Mirko Crocop
Rampage Jackson
Scott Smith
Tyson Griffin

$50 on any of these fighters. Send me any wage offers
1/24/07 6:45:28PM
I got enough wagers on Smith. Any other fighter is fine now.
1/25/07 4:46:10AM
A small bump for my picks. Willing to do $100 also. Just send the wagers
1/26/07 5:22:56AM
bump for the night.. still need a few wagers.
1/27/07 10:03:39AM
you kinda got the picks that are for sure to win. Cept Smith i think Cote is gonna pull that out. But anyone who bets agaiinst Cro Cop, OR tyson or Anderson are in big troulbe.
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