Wager: $25 on Marvin Eastman (looking for a decent odds!!!) READ..

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1/29/07 5:01:26PM
I'm putting down $25 on Eastman to beat Jackson in UFC 67. Small money but could be easy money for you. Will Accept the best wager(s) on this.

Reply here or just send the wager to me. (prefer to be sent the wager)

EDIT NOTE: STOP SENDING ME 1:1 odds ($25 for my $25) The fight is almost near 16:1 odds now. if you are that confident jackson is gonna win you gotta man up and put more money up to get my easy money. Learn to bet!! i dont expect it to have to be 16:1 odds but damn gimme something to work with, chumps.

1/29/07 5:29:51PM
please accept or decline. If you don't want it I need the money to bet on something else.

btw. that was my last bucks... couldn't give you a better offer.
1/29/07 6:41:03PM
edited. way too many ridiculous offers. 1:1 on eastman jackson? come on peeps. wet your whistle a lil bit. read the edited note.
1/30/07 1:31:43AM
I pm'd ya 200 to your 25, Im confident in my boy quentin so if you are still accepting send a wager
1/30/07 3:13:56PM
ill go 2:1 but thats it
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