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8/23/12 8:37:13PM
Should Dana White open up voting for UFC Hall of Famers to the public? There are a lot of fighters that deserve to be in the Hall of Fame, and it would be nice if us fans could help with the selection process. When it is left up to the brass, personal issues cloud judgment. The fans could select fighters that may not have had a chance to be picked.
8/23/12 10:51:31PM
i think it should be voted on also. there are several fighters that are a shoe in that dont need votes, but there are a few fighters that could be added that never would have. also, i think there would be a few fighters that are going to be in the HOF but might get voted out instead (tito?, griffin,bonner)
8/24/12 12:53:04AM
I think it would be fun to see what the fans think /government like but would just cause a lot of issues. Frank Shamrock for example, Dana would not care how many would vote for him. Plus not votting in Griffin or Bannar would be a shame and he will have them in regardless of what fans voted. Plus he would ammo stating that most fans are just as fickle as the judges.
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