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2/11/08 5:40:19PM
First off, props to achilles heel for coming up with the idea not too long ago...
Our camp just concluded our fastasy fight draft and we need voters to determine who created the best card. Fights are listed in the order that they would appear on ppv.
Judge based on which you would pay the most to see and the overall quality of the card. You can only vote for one.

Card #1
Akihiro Gono vs Martin Kampmann
180 lb
Both the same weight. Both have solid ground skills. What makes this fight truly great is that they are both very technical kickboxers who come forward.

145 lb tourney-
Akitoshi Tamura vs Jeff Curran
Finally we will be able to know how the Japenese and American featherweights compare.

Kid Yamamoto vs Floyd Mayweather Jr.
Is Floyd going to be able to translate his trademark elusivity to takedown defence? Will Kid even try to take him down? Either way, these are two of the most gifted atheletes in all of combat sports, and it should be exiteing.

Heath Herring vs Gabe Gonzaga
Herring has great power and sub defence. Gonzaga has great subs and a questionable chin. It will be very compelling fight where both fighters could get the KO standing.

Nick Diaz vs Hermes Franca
160 lb
Franca beat up Nick's brother Nate in the WEC. Nick looks to get revenge.

Forrest Griffin vs Rashad Evans
205 lb
TUF unification match
Both figters are heavy handed. Evans should be able to dictate where this fight goes, but he probably doesn't want to deal with Griffin on the ground.

Sean Sherk vs Tatsuya Kawajiri
155 lb
Depending on what side of the Pacific you are on, you probably think this is a one sided fight for your guy to win. Finally we will be able to know how the Japenese and American lightweights compare.

145 lb tourniment finals
Tamura/Curran vs Kid Yam/Mayweather Jr.
Winner becomes an international superstar.

Main Event
170 lb world title fight
John Fitch vs George St. Pierre
No analysis needed.


Card #2

1- cung le vs demian maia

2-roger huerta (mexico) vs mitsuhiro ishida (japan)
3-gilbert "el nino" melendez (usa) vs thiago tavares (brazil)

4-nate diaz vs josh "the punk"thomson
5-jason "mayhem"miller vs murilo "ninja" rua
6-bob "the beast" sapp vs kevin "kimbo slice" ferguson

7-loser of huerta/ishida vs loser of melendez/tavares

8-winner of huerta/ishida vs winner of melendez/tavares

9-anderson silva vs paulo filho
10-urijah "california kid" faber vs takanori gomi

1-which fast rising star will boost his career. both fighters are shooting up the ranks and will add some much needed quality to a weaker mw division.

2-3-the olympics have finally opened there eyes to what the fans want. in an instant classic start, they will feature 4 of the top 155ers alive. wrestler vs wrestler and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu vs Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. what an way to start mma in the olympics. the most electrifying weight class with 4 top tier fighters.

4- nate diaz wants better opponents. he gets his wish when he meets up with super tough josh "the punk" thomson. will nate be able to slap on a slick submission or will the punk be able to answer what nate has to offer.

5-two fighters that are on the brink of top 10 ranking. after this war one will jump into the top 10 while the other will stay on the outside looking in. mayhem looks to carry his momentum from his winning streak against a very game ninja rua. ninja has fought a whos who in mma and this will just add another worthy opponent to his resume'

6-which slugger will knock out the other first?? sapp is freakishly huge. kimbo lacks mma expierence but holds fighting expierence over almost anyone. both monsters will bring it and dont blink or you may miss the ending

7-who gets to go home with a bronze and who gets to leave with nothing??(my guess is ishida bronze and tavares with nothing)
very possible that both guys will be fighting 6 rounds on the entire card.
8-GOLD MEDAL MATCH-5 ROUNDS. who has enough left in there tank to potentially go 8 rounds in a single nite?

9-silva is atop the 185 ranks and many call him top pound for pound figher in the world. can filho keep his 16 fight winning streak alive and gain a ufc title or will silva leave with the wec and ufc title? possible 5 rounds of middleweight action

10-THE FIGHT HEARD AROUND THE WORLD!! GET YOUR POPCORN READY AND ENJOY THE FIREWORKS. faber vs gomi. gomi vs faber. either way you put it goosebumps still happen. can faber add sherdogs top 155 or will gomi become the 2nd guy to stop the california kid?? its gonna be a freakin good test for both. winner could be next in line for pound for pound champ


Card #3
FIGHT 1: Joe Stevenson vs Kenny Florian
2 exciting fighters near the top of the UFC LW division. Would be an interesting style matchup.

FIGHT 2: Ronaldo 'Jacare' Souza vs Dean Lister
Two of the best 185 lb grapplers in the world who have both adapted thier ground games well into MMA, submitting 15/17 of their combined wins.

FIGHT 3: Tim Sylvia vs Semmy Schilt
People have been talking about this fight a lot lately, and Semmy has been saying he would be interested in fighting for the UFC. Tim is a 2 time UFC champion, primarily a striker but with a decent ground game. Schilt has had success in MMA, but has really perfected his standup in recent years and become the best HW kickboxer in the world right now, and one of the most successful K-1 fighters of all time. He has a number of submission victories in MMA competition as well.

FIGHT 4: Yushin Okami vs. Robbie Lawler
Two of the best 185 lb fighters in the world, very talented fighters with very different styles.

FIGHT 5: Tito Ortiz vs. Renato 'Babalu' Sobral
A fight that probably should have happened at some point, but never did. Babalu has a great submission game, but would he deal with Tito's strength?

FIGHT 6: Aleksander Emelianenko vs. Chiek Kongo
Aleks is the better grappler, but rarley if ever elects to take the fight to the ground. He has some of the best hands in the HW division, while Kongo is a big punishing striker. It would be a very exciting fight that would not go the distance.

FIGHT 7: BJ Penn vs. Hayato 'Mach' Sakurai
Both are probably in the top 5 pound for pound best fighters of all time. Two of the most well rounded and dynamic fighters in the history of the game, this would be an instant classic, I have absolutely no doubt in my mind.

FIGHT 8: Kazushi Sakuraba vs. Frank Shamrock
My main event. Two of the most loved (and sometimes hated in Frank's case) fighters of all time. Both of their ideal weights are 185, yet both fought above their weight classes and found incredible success in their great careers. They have taken very different paths in their careers, but neither will ever be forgotten for their contributions to the sport. It is a travesty that this fight didn't happen around 10 years ago, but I would still kill to see it today.


Card #4

UFC vs. Pride: Best of Both Worlds

The showcase for this card is an 8-man Open Weight Tournament with some of the best talent from both the UFC and Pride. Also featured in the main event are the MW and LW title fights. From top to bottom there are great match-ups in every fight.

1. Jens Pulver(22-8-1) vs. Joachim Hansen(16-6-1)

ROUND 1 of the OWGP
2. Quinton Jackson(29-6) vs. Ricardo Arona(13-5)
3. Houston Alexander(8-2) vs. James Thompson(14-7)
4. Michael Bisbing(14-1) vs. Kazuyuki Fujita(14-6)
5. Brandon Vera(8-1) vs. Fabricio Werdum(10-3-1)

6. Chris Lytle(25-15-5) vs. Thiago Alves (13-3)

7. Winner of (Rampage, Arona) vs. Winner of (Alexander, Thompson)
8. Winner of (Bisbing, Fujita) vs. Winner of (Vera, Werdum)

MW Championship Bout
9. Nate Marquardt(26-7-2) vs. Akiyama Yoshihiro(10-1)

LW Championship Bout
10. Gesias Calvancante(14-1-1) vs. Shinya Aoki(12-2)

Final Round of OWGP
11. Winner of Match #7 vs. Winner of Match #8
(Probably Rampage vs. Werdum/Vera)

Jens Pulver vs. Joachim Hansen is a stylistic dream match. They are both going to keep coming forward and someone is going to get knocked out. No stalling from either of these fighters :D.

ROUND 1 of the OWGP
Quinton Jackson vs Ricardo Arona, who doesnt want to see this rematch? Jackson scored both the greatest KO of all time in the first and a highly controversial victory in the original. Will history repeat itself?

Houston Alexander vs. James Thompson is a matchup of identical gameplans. Alexander may be a little better at it, but he is also the smaller of the two. An action Packed 1-2 minute KO victory is guranteed.

Michael Bisbing vs. Fujita may not be the stylistic dream match for both, but the shit will be undeniably entertaining to watch :D

Brandon Vera vs. Fabricio Werdum could very well be a #1 contender match in the UFC right now. They both have exceptional Kickboxing skills and matchup really well. I could see both guys getting knocked out by Knees from the clinch.

Chris Lytle vs. Thiago Alves is a highly anticipated rematch. Earning the FOTN award the first time around, i cant imagine this fight not impressing us.

More than likely its going to be Rampage fighting either Houston Alexander or his HW counterpart James Thompson in the next round.
Either way i see Rampage gaining another HL victory halfway into the first round.
And the other fight this round i couldnt even pick who would be in it... too difficult

Nate Marquardt vs. Yoshihiro Akiyama is for the MW Championship and it features 2 top ten grapplers battling for gold. I have no idea how this fight would end, but it would catapult the winner into top 5 at 185 worldwide.

Gesias Calvancante vs. Shinya Aoki for the LW Championship! 2 top 5's in the deepest division in the world battling it out in the second to last fight of the night. Shinya Aoki has p4p the #1 or #2 BJJ in the world of mma. One of only a few fighters to finish an opponent with a Gogoplata submission. his opponent GZ is on a tear destroying everybody hes being put against. This will not last 5 rounds.

Finally you have the finals of the OWGP. Presumably, Quinton "Rampage" Jackson vs. Brandon vera or Fabricio Werdum.
And honestly any one of them could win this fight.

...And then the ppv ends... you cry tears of joy when you realize that the ppv company is going to replay the whole card again.


Card #5

WEC 170 Pound Title
Marcus "The Irish Hand Grenade" Davis vs. Carlso Condit

Who's winning streak will end? Marcus Davis is riding an 11 fight winning streak, and is looking to end Condit's 6 fight streak and take Carlos Condit's title in the process. Two fast paced finishers and rising stars in the division.

Women's Divison
Gina Carano vs. Tara Larosa

The face(and breasts) of Women's MMA Gina Carano puts her undefeated record on the line against Tara Larosa, who most people think is the true number 1 Women's fighter, though she's not as hot.

HW bout (265 lbs.)
Sergei Kharitonov vs. Roger Gracie

Two of the divisions top grapplers square off in the matchup. Roger Gracie is the HW division's most sucessful BJJ grappler, but will it translate to MMA? Sergei is coming off a win against Alistair Overeem in HEROES, and is extremely well rounded. Will he take advantage of Gracie's lack of stand-up or take the fight at him on the ground?

MW Bout (185 lbs)
Kazuo Miskai vs Patrick Cote

Patrick Cote is on a tear, winning his last three fights in the Octagon, two by TKO. Misaki is coming off a highly controversial NC against Akiyama and the PRIDE WW Grand Prix winner looks to make his mark in America.

HW Bout (265 lbs)
Brock Lesnar vs Kurt Angle

Two former WWE champs and two of the most sucessful amateur wrestlers in American history look to make the jump to MMA. No chairs, no fake punches, no mangers, or even referees getting hurt, who's can fight?????

LHW Bout (205 lbs.)
Sokodjou vs Antonio Rogerio "Minotoro" Nogueira

Minotoro looks for revenge after Sokodjou stunned him with a quick K.O at PRIDE 33. Sokodjou had been on a metoric rise through the division after another win over Arona, but was derailed by Machida. Now he looks to repeat his stunning performance which put him on the MMA map.

PRIDE WW Title Bout (185 lbs.)
Dan Henderson vs Matt Lindland

Have you ever wondered which Team Quest Leader would prevail? It will be Team Quest California vs Team Quest Oregon when "The Law" and Hendo square off. Both coming off losses, LIndland to Fedor thanks to the help off the ropes, and Hendo after a greuling decsion to Rampage. Both will look to rebound and take the gold in the process.

PRIDE HW Title Bout (265 lbs.)
Fedor Emelianenko vs. Josh Barnett

The best fighter on the face of the planet, according to everyone except Dana White, Fedor looks to vanquish one more foe who stands in his way of world domination, Josh Barnett. Barnett was the only PRIDE contender not to get his shot at Fedro and he finally gets it.
Will Fedor continue to dominate or will Josh Barnett finally be the one to take the Russian down.


Card #6

UFC Rules, in a ring, and absolute fireworks all night long baby!!!!

Undercard: (If you could call it that)

match 1: Mark Hunt -vs- Bigfoot Silva

Starting big with 2 monsters in the HW Division. Hunt has put heavy leather on the chins of some of the world's best, and Silva is a emerging superstar in the division! Silva is clearly the much more well-rounded fighter, but will his skills be put to the test by one of the hardest hitting men ever to step into a ring???

match 2: Mac Danzig -vs- Matt Arroyo

A match I think everyone wanted to see on TUF. Broken ribs kept the all-star grappler, Arroyo, out of the first bout, but He is back in shape and has a qucik Sub victory in to cage to show it! Mac Danzig brings a wealth of experience and skill to the cage, and a dipshit attitude to match! Could Arroyo have kept him outta the finals... Now we find out???

Match 3: Jorge Masvidal -vs- Jake Shields

Both are fantastic grapplers, both are cardio machines, both are on the rise in MMA. Shields is rolling through people like a monster, and Jorge is on the rise, and just put veteran Yves edwards to sleep with a devestating head kick! Jake is a grappling phenom with the tourney win to prove it, and Jorge is a brawler with a iron chin... videos of him in insane backyard brawls with Kimbo slice and crew are prrof of that! ( This will be unreal!

Match 4: Razor Rob -vs- Eddie Alvarez

Two powerhouse strikers who always have fast paced brawls with ultra-exciting finishes. Stylistically, an absolute dream match! Kick boxing pedigree -vs- muay thai ace! Bang, Bang, someone is getting KTFO!

Match 5: Melvin Manheof -vs- Gilbert Yvel

19 t/ko's -vs- 28 t/ko's and a DQ for biting and Eye Gouging!!! Debateably, a striker more devestating than CroCop in Melvin is going to be facing and unorthodox, and extremely powerful striker who is on a 4 ko in a row winning streak with ground skills to back it up with!

MAIN EVENT!!!!!!!!!

Match 6: Tyson Griffin -vs- Clay Guida

This had to be a main event fight!!! Fight of the year from 2007 ends in a split decesion that was really debatable. They both performed like hell in their last matches, and they need to prove they are still the 2 most exciting fighters to watch in the UFC. They are both Fight-of-the night contenders everytime they step in the cage, and tonite we will get to see who really deserved that 1st win!

Match 7: Thiago Silva -vs- Lyoto Machida

Both on absolute tears through the division, both undefeated, both have great ground games, both have devestating knockout power, and both want a belt so bad they can taste it! These two are both strikers, but total opposites in striking style! Lyoto, elusive and calculating... Thiago, an absolute frieght train that only stops when the ref pulls him off! This will be a record-book kind of fight!

Match 8: Rich Franklin -vs- Denis Kang

Both Coming off of devistating losses, both supreme level strikers looking to prove something, and both at the absolute elite level of 185 MMA! Take that freak Anderson outta the 185 game and you are now about to see the unquestionable bests in the division square off in an absolute war for the 185 championship!

Oh yeah, and there is one Caviat to this whole card... At the end, Mac Danzig will face the winners from each bout in a raw meat wrestiling match... he will then face the winners and losers of all of your matches in a 112 on 1 battle Royale. And last but not least, Jason Statham, Vin Deisel, and chuck norris will be using his head as the ball for a rousing game of smear the queer!



Andre Gusmao .vs. Travis Wiuff
Is Andre Gusmao as good as his undefeated record shows? We'll find out he goes head-to-head with this season veteran.

Rickson Gracie .vs. Bas Rutten
Two of the greatest MMA fighters of all time finally get to face off to see who the best really is.

Carmelo Marrero .vs. Ben Rothwell
We get to see if Ben Rothwell, a dominant IFL star, is the real deal when he faces Carmelo Marrero who has a recent victory against Cheick Kongo

Keith Jardine .vs. Alistair Overeem
Keith Jardine gets to prove if that win over Chuck Liddell was a fluke or not when he faces this great LHW.

WelterWeight Grand Prix
#1 Matt Serra .vs. #6 Drew Fickett
#2 Matt Hughes .vs. #5 Karo Parisyan
#3 Josh Koscheck .vs. #4 Diego Sanchez
(highest remaining seed after first fight automatically gets into championship)

Randy Couture .vs. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira (UFC Heavyweight Title)
After Dana White reportedly got $5,000,000 from a lawsuit on Couture, Randy is forced back into the ring. Sorry Randy, but your walking our first this time. The battle that everyone has been waiting for, will Randy prove that he is the best?


Card #8

-FIGHT 1- Abu dhabi Rules-
Royce Gracie -vs- Ricard Almeida

-FIGHT 2 - Abu dhabi Rules-
Frank Mirr -vs- Jeff Monson

-FIGHT 3 - #1 Contender for Ufc Lightweight Championship-
Frank Edgar -vs- Vitor Riberio

-FIGHT 4 - Art of War Heavyweight Championship-
Pedro Rizzo -vs- Hong Man Choi

-FIGHT 5 - Open Weight Grand Prix-
Mark Coleman -vs- Kevin Randleman

-FIGHT 6 - Open Weight Grand Prix-
Mauricio Rua -vs- Vitor Belfort

-FIGHT 7 - Open Weight Grand Prix-
Wanderlei Silva -vs- Andre Arlovski

-FIGHT 8 - Open Weight Grand Prix-
Chuck Liddle -vs- Mirko Cro Cop

-FIGHT 9 - Semi Finals Open Weight Grand Prix-
(Coleman/Randleman) -vs- (Liddle/Cro Cop)

-FIGHT 10 - Semi Finals Open Weight Grand Prix-
(Silva/Arlovski) -vs- (Shogun/Belfort)

-FIGHT 11- Finals Open Weight Grand Prix-
-Open Weight Grand Prix Championship Match-


And thats it thanks for anyone taking the time for such a long read.
Any and all votes are welcome.
2/11/08 6:33:39PM
I'd go with #6. Pretty much every single fight on that card has the potential to be great. Potential fireworks. Some really good match making.
2/11/08 7:03:52PM

Posted by gspfan

I'd go with #6. Pretty much every single fight on that card has the potential to be great. Potential fireworks. Some really good match making.

I have to agree with gspfan here. I wanted to go with #4, but there was at least one or two fights on there that I really didn't care for and #6 seemed to have the most potential for barn burners. All of those cards are pretty good though.
2/11/08 7:13:36PM
I vote for 8 being the best. Rua/Belfort, WSilva/Arlovski, & Liddell/CroCop, I would probably pay 100 bucks to see those 3 fights alone.

In order after that, I would have voted for:

No offense to those toward the bottom. They are all outstanding cards, and all definitely worth a $40 PPV.
2/11/08 7:18:31PM
8, 6, 4, 2 would be my top 4 in order.

I swear I have nothing against odd numbers though.
2/11/08 10:20:23PM
2/11/08 11:03:01PM
I will have to say #3, just for the Babalu v Tito fight...a dream fight of mine for years that didn't happen and for no good god they are both ranked equally for sure!!??
2/11/08 11:32:30PM
I am going to go with Card #3 because I think that all the bouts on that card are awesome. Great draft guys all those cards are awesome and it was a fun read.
2/12/08 2:07:00AM
Giving this thread a bump for good measure

ty again to all those who voted so far
2/12/08 8:27:41AM
2/12/08 10:08:25AM
2/12/08 10:37:29AM
My vote goes to #8. I would pay a lot of money to watch Liddell vs. Cro Cop.

#1 came in a close second, IMO. Hopefully we will see Fitch vs. GSP for real in 2008.
2/12/08 11:57:52AM
2/12/08 3:56:06PM
2/13/08 11:42:34AM
2/13/08 11:49:41AM
Card 8 gets my vote.
World class grappling / world class strikers, all world class fighters.

All good cards though, well done guys.
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